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Sine Mora (Review)

Review by: Master Blud

Sine Mora, first time I saw this name, it had not interested me until I saw some actual gameplay in motion. I have played my fair share of shmups and this one certainly takes the cake. Sine mora takes a different approach on the shmup genre. With the use of time as your health and your goal, makes the game all the more exciting.

The story was hard to follow, even with the subtitles. I felt more intrigued to play the game than actually read all the subtitles. The narration is in Hungarian, so that kind if set me off. It’s a nice touch, but there should have been a language option. Some like the one language shmups, I preferably did not enjoy listening to them talk. You are able to skip through the narration, but takes some time. Sorry, but the story, really not important to this game. It was very difficult to follow.

I found the gameplay to be a sort of “on the edge”. It was very confusing at first, as there are so many buttons that do many things. The game keep me going, repeatedly, even of I failed a level. The game seemed to adapt to my difficulty. I ended up failing a lot half way through the game. Sine Mora then forgave my insolence, and tweaked the difficulty as I was playing. I felt this was a core quality that many games need. The controls felt simple, only when you get use to them. There are many planes, each plane has its own abilities. The fact that you can slow down time to concentrate fire on impending enemies made it absolutely amazing to play.

The visuals are that of what they call Stereoscopic 3D. I was pretty impressed by the visuals. Everything seemed to be well made from an earlier concept work. From bosses, enemies, to the magnificent backdrops. Sine Mora gets a thumbs up for good showmanship. The soundtrack was felt eerie, tense and all around best fitting. All the points of a great shmup were all put into the intensity that is called Sine Mora.

Final Thoughts:
I felt the game has so much potential. The game brings a challenge to the Shmup genre. Although the story was not in my favor, I moved on from that point. I am basing my review on the actual gameplay itself. To be completely honest, I hadn’t finished this game all the way. I have that problem with shmups. I tried, I really did. It gave me that rage quit, that sort of rage quit that keeps bringing you back. The game patted my back and said, “Go ahead, try again”. Sine Mora was very complemental, and felt it shouldn’t be overlooked. Altogether, Sine Mora gets a 4.5 out of 5. I wish I could have unlocked more planes to bring pain.


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