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Feeling Cube-ish? OneBeeKay sets release for We Are Cubes!

After over a year of development, fledgling indie studio 1BK have announced their debut title – an old-skool arcade shooter entitled ‘We Are Cubes’ – is ready for launch. The game is a vibrant, fast paced arcade shooter set in a neon-wireframe world and was inspired by some of the great 1980’s arcade hardware. With vector-style graphics & HUD, high score tables, a chip-tune inspired soundtrack and an addictive blend of competitive-collaborative multiplayer thrown into the mix, this addictive, easy to play, yet difficult to master game feels like a blast from the past yet reassuringly fresh.

We Are Cubes is due for release on Xbox Live Indie Games the weekend of the 31st of March and carries crisp HD graphics, a huge range of awardments and un-lockable content.

The game features ‘Arcade’ and ‘Survival’ modes, both available as single or local multiplayer where success relies heavily on a keen eye and quick reactions. Players can choose to use Power Ups and Upgrades to work together, get an edge (or downright disadvantage) over their human counterpart.

Arcade mode features 25 waves of spheres, while Survival mode packs an unlimited amount of bosses. The game features 11 usable Power Ups and 4 permanent Upgrades which increase in rank throughout the game. There are 20 awardments, 10 cubes and 7 original soundtracks to motivate you on your journey up the online leaderboards!

1BK is a UK-based indie studio formed by Victor Garcia and Steven Noakes with support from Andy King. They all share the same passion for making quality games that has pushed We Are Cubes from a university project to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The whole package is competitively priced at 80MSP and should be out on or around Friday 30th March.

Follow 1BK on Twitter (@onebeekay) or their Facebook ( for more information, comments and feedback.


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