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Kick, Punch, Operate and PRESS START: Team2Bit Needs Your Help

Write up by: Master Blud
Team2Bit has some great personality.  These veteran game developers need your help.  They have started a Kickstarter campaign that will run to April 29th.  They are in need of a $10,ooo.  That is a lot of quarters.  The game being presented in the Kickstarter campaign is “Fist Puncher”.  In Fist Puncher, you are Dr. Karate (Neurosurgeon and Karate Master), you lead a team of vigilantes.  You must help the lawless city from the crime lords’ reign of terror.  Fist puncher has a more different experience than your typical side scroller beat em up.  It gives the essence of what they like to call “Double Dragon meets Castle Crashers”.  Both of those titles peak my interest.  Although the art style is of a “Retro/Nostalgic” look, it is safe to say that you need to play more variety of games.  It isn’t all about your Call of Duty or your Mass Effect.  Why not take time away from those games and play something different, or gain interest in a different approach.  Ya know, that is just the nostalgia talking.  So I will leave you to it.  I support these fellers, I think you should to.  Also, I just caught up with “The Next Game Boss”, and would like to congratulate the team on winning this uber prize.  Below is the official press release  from Team2Bit themselves.  Good luck guys.  I am looking forward to karate and open brain surgery.

Team2Bit’s Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of their old school beat ‘em up game, Fist Puncher, has officially launched.  The campaign runs through April 29th and aims to raise $10,000.
Fist Puncher follows a team of vigilantes led by Dr. Karate, world-renowned neurosurgeon and black belt, as they perform unnecessary surgery on the crime lords that hold a lawless city in their brutal grip.  The gameplay is true to the classic era of button mashing brawlers, as players choose from a diverse cast of characters and take to the streets to battle endless waves of thugs and ruffians.  But Fist Puncher offers a deeper experience than the quarter eating games that made the genre famous, including RPG elements and lots of unlockable content.  “Think Double Dragon meets Castle Crashers”, says studio co-founder Jake Lewandowski.
Already in development for over a year, Fist Puncher touts thousands of pixel art sprites and backgrounds that capture a nostalgic retro gaming aesthetic.  The Kickstarter rewards range from copies of Fist Puncher to an appearance as a pixel art character in the game.  Fans of Team2Bit’s appearance as Team FistPuncher on IGN’s ‘The Next Game Boss’ can also receive a digital copy of Washington’s Wig, their running platformer featuring George Washington’s fictional dog and a similar 8-bit art style.
Fist Puncher is slated for release on Xbox LIVE Indie Gamesand PC, and Team2Bit hopes a successful Kickstarter will attract publishers and open doors to other platforms.
The Kickstart campaign for Fist Puncher can be found here:
About Team2Bit
Team2Bit is an independent videogame development studio consisting of brothers Jake and Matt Lewandowski.  The duo recently won ‘The Next Game Boss’, IGN’s reality television series that pitted teams of indie developers against each other with the ultimate goal of creating a fully playable game over the course of a week.
The Next Game Boss can be seen on YouTube’s Start network:
Additional information on Team2Bit and Fist Puncher is available at:

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