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BludWorks is happy to announce the INDIE-POCALYPSE GIVEAWAY for the Xbox Live Indie Games! Currently Xbox Live Indie Developers do not have the ability to do a “Bundle”. They thought it would be very awesome to take a different approach on the situation and try to make it a regular thing.
In the bundle we have over 20+ games and different bundle prizes to give away with a fraction of those games, which will include smaller amounts of the games. Thus making it a 2nd prize, 3 prize and so on. There will al

so be separate games given away at the end of the contest. They received a lot of token donations for all of these games from the developers and would like to give them away to the community!

The contest will run from Saturday March 24th 2012 to April 7th 2012
Few of the games that are going to be featured in the bundle and are not yet released are called Positron, A BAND and 48 Chambers and will be sent to the winners directly from the development studio themselves when the they release. There might be additional games being added throughout the bundle, so to make it easier to post all the games, you can copy and paste below of all the games included in the bundle, all hyperlinked.
The trailer also gives a first time video visuals of A Band the Game and 48 Chambers that have never been released.
Their website: Blud Works
Their Twitter: @BludWorks
Rules of the contest:
  • Gain entry into the INDIE-POCALYPSE Big bundle – Download 7 trials of the (GAMES LISTED) and take a pictures of proof and send it to their email with the subject (INDIE-POCALYPSE). You can gain an additional entry if you include 7 more trials and pictures of proof. (Download History on or take a snap shot of it on your dashboard)
  • Another entry to the INDIE-POCALYPSE Big Bundle Donate to our choice of charity at KCENTSTUDIOS Mercy Children’s Hospital and send them an email at with subject “Charity Entry” with your name and proof of donation. Do not include sensitive personal information.
  • Gain entry into the Wittle bundles – You must tweet out “I want to win the #XBLIG Wittle Bundle @VVGtv #WittleIndiePocalypse”
  • Another Entry in the Wittle bundles – Send an email telling them your favorite Xbox Indie Game and take a picture of you playing it to with subject ‘Wittle Bundle Pic’

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email. We hope to be working again with all of you in the future.
List of games:

Over the past year BludWorks has been working with indie developers on either improving their games, giving critique feedback, offering advice, giving references to artists/composers , making trailers for low budget developers, and creating a strong community. BludWorks is currently a 2 person team, Daniel who works with the press releases and Ryan who works with the media/community side of indie games. We hope to work with you in the future.

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