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It Came From Outer Space (AWoK) Review

Review by: Tom Shirey

A World of Keflings is a strategy/building game developed by NinjaBee. The DLC It Came From Outer Space from A World of Keflings was released on October 26th 2011. The DLC’s story proposes that new lifeforms have crashed landed in the world of the keflings. The lifeforms ask you since you’re the giant if you would help them fix up their spaceship. You also get help from your pals Scooby, and the rest of the gang that helped you throughout the original game. The DLC adds many new features but doesn’t seem to change any controls or any of the gameplay.

The gameplay changed a little bit by adding new buildings, resources, and characters. The level can get pretty cramped though so its best to have an idea of where your going to start building and where your going to finish. I did have a little trouble keeping the level from cramping up but since its so small it was a bit tricky. I did however enjoy the DLC. It added a new, fun, yet challenging level that kept me engrossed for hours. The controls didn’t change and seemed really smooth which added for a great experience. Another thing that didn’t change was the humor. NinjaBee did a great job on this game by adding humor to an already fun game. Scooby is still just as dumb as normal and his brother Shag is still picking on him. The DLC brings back the multiplayer gameplay which makes it very fun for you and a friend to build buildings and show each others world off.

The graphics are great as usual and the avatars look awesome. NinjaBee did a great job on It Came From Outer Space. The sound of the Keflings/Aliens being kicked is humorous and the sounds that the characters make while talking are very humorous. The game soundtrack consists of beats and low music. The games graphics and sounds intermingle together to create a memorable experience and a game that is both humorous and fun.

A World of Keflings DLC is very fun and brings a couple more hours of gameplay. I still wish that it was a bigger level and more missions intertwined into it because I feel that there should be more to do. NinjaBee definitely did a good job though and I hope to see more DLC’s from them in the future for A World of Keflings. You can buy It Came From Outer Space for 320 MPS’ ($4). Which I believe is a very reasonable price considering you get more hours of gameplay along with a new story and new buildings to keep you engrossed for many hours.
Story: 8


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