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Kontrol Freek (Rcade Sticks) Review

So I procrastinated for a while. I always wanted to own an arcade stick, not only for fighting games. I play a lot of arcade games as well. I like to relive my glory days of gaming. I didn’t feel like drying my wallet too much, just for an arcade stick.  I was destined to find an alternative. Years went by and I still wanted an arcade stick.

Later on I came across analog stick enhancers on I wasn’t browsing for sticks at the current time. I then found something called Rcade Freeks. They spoke to me, and honestly, I had to have them. They were cheap, looked great. Was that enough for me? Absolutely not!

I proceeded to order these sticks, arrived at my house 2 days later. I was too excited to put them on. I thought I would accidentally break them. Later in the day I had time to sit and examine them. They had a nice sturdy touch and felt durable, more than the actual stick on my Xbox controller. I proceeded to give this a try on my fighting games first.

As some may know, the Xbox Controller isn’t really that great for fighting games, especially the D-Pad itself. When I loaded up Street Fighter 4, I had to test it with my friend, who also got the same Rcade Sticks, we played this on the OnLive console and not Xbox. I felt a certain rush of nostalgia shooting through my hands as if I was back the arcade. The sticks aren’t that big, but they do the job. It seemed that they emulated an arcade stick feeling and increased my accuracy and move input in the fighting games.

The last thing I did was try them on my Xbox Live Arcade Titles. Mainly the ones that have the arcade feeling. So I tested it with the brand new Simpsons Game, TMNT 1989 Arcade, MK Kollection and Mortal Kombat (2011). Everything I felt while playing Street Fighter felt the same way when I loaded up game after game. My accuracy was up, and I felt more confident in defeating my opponents.

I am reviewing this product because I can absolutely recommend it for anyone not looking to spend a bunch of money on a useless arcade stick you’ll only use a few times. You can use these on twin stick shooters, beat em ups, arcade titles and platformers. I can’t even give a score for these little devils, but telling you not to pick them up would be a big mistake. Who knows how much longer they’ll be available. I say go get em. You won’t be disappointed.

Go check out the Rcade Sticks


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