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XBLIG Companion – XBLIG Rises from the Grave (Interview)

Xbox Indie Games has received a lot of press and coverage over the past year.  Both negative and positive press.  It all seems to grab only a fraction of attention from consumers.  We had the Indie Games Winter Uprising and the Indie Games Summer Uprising.  Both which have shown us what a team of great minds can accomplish, even if it fell through it some parts.  Not all promotional campaigns are full proof.

Recently the Xbox Dashboard went through a dramatic facelift, if you want to call it that.  I looked at it as a big old tragedy, trying to kill off gaming altogether.  Almost everything was hidden on the dashboard, from GoD, XBLA, and XBLIG.  It only took about 1 month for Microsoft to state a response on the situation, and another month for them to actually put a change in.  It only fixed a fraction of the problem, some still think there is a some kind of conspiracy against “Indie” games.  Any who, time had quickly passed and Casey Young from Eleventy-Aught Twelve Studios decided to develop a mobile app.  This app said to help others browse through the indie games section quicker, without having to deal with all the clutter on the Xbox Dashboard.  I had time to send Casey Young a little Q and A about the XBLIG Companion.  The XBLIG Companion is currently available on the Windows Phone 7 and is in development for Android and iOS.

VVGtv: First off, thanks Casey for joining us in a quick Q and A session about the XBLIG Companion and the development process behind it.
CY: Let’s get this party started!

VVGtv: What first struck the idea of the XBLIG Companion?
CY: XBLIG Companion started out as an app that would help people find the indie games under the “game type” parkour chic icon. It then blew up to more of an online catalog with hand-picked games to showcase. Since Microsoft moved them to their own icon, it mainly a catalog with showcased games.

VVGtv: How many people were involved in the process of making the XBLIG Companion a reality?
CY: I started the project and after getting a prototype made, I contacted Dave Voyles and Kairi to see what they thought of showcasing XBLIG games periodically. Dave has also help with promoting and getting beta testers rounded up. The last beta build, there were about 16 XBLIG developers with access to a WP7 device that tested and gave great feedback.

VVGtv: How long have you been developer?
CY: Professionally, I have been a .NET developer for about 6 years now. I started programming way back in the early 90s…

VVGtv: What is your history around gaming?
CY: A My first experience was with an Atari 2600… Man I miss that machine. After that, I have owned at least 1 console of each generation, as well as being an avid PC gamer.

VVGtv: How do you think the XBLIG Companion will help the current state of the Xbox Live Indie Games?
CY: I’m hoping it will help out, even if it is marginal. Marketing is a big deal, but so is making it easy for the user to find the games. Hopefully with XBLIG Companion, it can help out a little in both of hose two areas.

VVGtv: I would like to say thank you Casey for answering some very important questions on what we all want to know about.
CY: A Not a problem… Glad to try to help out the indie community.


One response

  1. This is great! I’ll get this for sure when it comes out on ios.

    March 6, 2012 at 1:44 pm

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