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Little Racers STREET Gets Major Content Update

Many of you know the original Little Racers from Milkstone Studios.  Little Racers STREET brought back the flavor of that Xbox Indie Gem, with more visual splendor, customisation, and more tracks than would could ever hope to imagine.  I am still playing Little Racers STREET to this day, earning money on the track, although I am really horrible at driving games.  The point is, the community input in this title is taken very seriously and the developer has listened to a lot of feedback.

The previous title update to the game included these fixes and additions:
New feature: Online multiplayer (over Xbox LIVE and System Link)

  • Play over internet with your career mode cars.
  • Earn money on these races.
  • Includes quick join, party invites, host migration, etc. All to ensure the game keeps going on, no matter what happens!
  • New section: Lap Records (shared online)
  • Your car is highlighted in crowded situations (this can be disabled in settings).
  • Reduced difficulty for Medium level.
  • Increased number of AI players in Career mode to 300 (only applies if you delete the career mode).
  • Reduced car braking power.
  • Changed the way reverse works now (you don’t have to release and press the brake to use reverse).
  • Improved race selection screen: Added an event title and times you raced / won the event. Also it should be properly shown on SD TVs.
  • Fixed minor issue that caused to incorrectly show your place in the mountain part.

The new fixes and great additions to the game:

Little Racers STREET, the Indie racing game everyone should be talking about, has received new content in its latest update. First it was online multiplayer, now it’s the turn for time trials. Aside from advancing in the addictive career mode, players have now the option to compete for the best lap time in any of the more than 200 different events the game offers.

This update includes some other new features as well, such as the new Chase camera, which gives a totally different game experience, and more tracks, designed with multiplayer in mind.

The online multiplayer mode has been improved too, with lots of changes the fans asked for.

So, in a nutshell, this is what Little Racers Street offers for just $1:

  •  THE MOST SPECTACULAR, arcade oriented, handling scheme you’ve ever found in a top down racing game (This includes Micro machines, Turbo Sliders, Motorstorm RC, Super Sprint, RC Pro Am, etc.)
  •  Online multiplayer for 12 Players (With online horns!).
  •  30 totally customizable cars, with different handling behaviors and performance. Tune your favorite car to your liking!
  •  Detailed car paint customization.
  •  Over 200 different events on 60 tracks.
  •  Variable daylight conditions.
  •  Weather conditions that strongly affect handling, such as snow or rain.
  •  Global lap times and rankings.
  •  Time trials.
  •  Breathtaking visuals, with smooth 60 FPS gameplay.
  •  An extensive, addicting career mode, featuring a challenging AI, totally compatible with multiplayer.
  •  50 Challenges you can complete for special rewards.
The game has a rapidly growing community, with dedicated topics on the most important forums such as NeoGAF ( ) and Eurogamer ( ). With a 6,000 players userbase and growing, and a very high rating on all countries, this game is one of the best racing games the Xbox Marketplace has to offer.

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