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Choplifter HD Review (XBLA)

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Review By: Tom Shirey

Choplifter HD is an action game developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Konami. The game has many awesome features that keeps the player interested. For instance after you get so many stars in the game you unlock different kinds of helicopters. Each helicopter has its own abilities. An example would be that certain helicopters allow to transport more civilians while others focus more on firepower and mowing down enemies. These little changes can mean life or death in this game. There really wasn’t a story to Choplifter HD which makes the game less fun because the game doesn’t have a climax to keep players guessing and wonder whats going to happen next. The graphics of the game were pretty good although you cannot see the NPCs up close to see if they have detail. The one thing that stood out to me was how different the helicopters looked. This pleased me because I do not like games that recycle resources.

Choplifter HD is an action indie game. It is rather entertaining and can lead for some memorable moments. It adds flying with action and strategy almost perfectly. Choplifter HD really didn’t have a story, however the game did possess what it takes to keep players intrigued. The game lead to some memorable moments just because of the levels that you come across and the enemies you must fight.

The gameplay of Choplifter HD was a pain in the ass at times. Sometimes I couldn’t get my copter to land smoothly and end up killing civilians on board. Another problem I saw was that I couldn’t kill a couple of the zombies in the fourth level. It wouldn’t let me lock onto them or even run them over with my copter. You really have to watch your fuel also because the gas gauge reads “E” very quickly. This can be very annoying at times when your trying to dodge missiles and then your secondary pilot is yelling its on “E”! I also had a problem with the controls of the game because it constantly had you pressing the Left Bumper and the Right Bumper to shoot enemies off the screen that sometimes you can’t see. The controls seem to work smoothly for the most part but sometimes it gets complicated when you can’t lock onto an enemy. From what I have played there has been some good parts and some bad parts. The bad parts can severally make you mad and the good parts can make for some fun gameplay, although almost each level contained some sort of glitch or part that I didn’t enjoy.

Choplifter HD looks great on a HD TV. The graphics look sweet, from blowing up zombies and people to grinding across the ground and running them over. It makes for a colorful yet challenging game. I experienced no “lag” or frame rate drops while playing even with all the zombies coming in to attack and the people firing missiles and guns. My favorite part about the graphics was when I was on the ground and kept turning my copter around crushing zombies and blowing them up into a green mushroom cloud. The sounds were awesome, from shooting at enemies and blowing them up, to the one liners such as “that has gotta hurt” and “it must suck to die twice in one day.” The one liners although cheesy were pretty funny at times. I feel inXile Entertainment did a good job on the remake of Choplifter HD. Like I said the game is as gorgeous as ever and the sounds really make the speakers rumble.

I definitely have to say that this is a good remake of a classic. Choplifter HD may not have a story but it definitely has the gameplay to keep you going. Although this wasn’t a game that I would normally play I still enjoyed it. The controls were clunky at times and the glitches got pretty annoying but for the most part inXile Entertainment did a good job in bringing back this classic. The action in it can get pretty intense so you best pick a good helicopter for the job.


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