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Block Zombies Review (XBLIG)

Review by: Tom Shirey

Why is it that more and more games seem to be going back in time rather than moving forward with better graphics. Block Zombies is a single player voxel-based zombie shooter/survival horror developed by Nostatic Software. The game doesn’t offer much. I got bored after about an hour of doing the same thing. Destroy a crystal, shoot some zombie and then repeat. I didn’t quite understand the story although there seems to be a basis for a story. The graphics of Block Zombies look like a child with a wild imagination put together a bunch of legos that looked like zombies. If playing with legos is your thing then this is definitely a game for you. The gameplay was pretty glitchy at times though. I don’t really like this game because of these issues I had with it.

Block Zombies is a single player voxel-based zombie shooter with survival horror elements. The game keeps you on your toes though because you never know if your going to run into an alpha zombie or something similar. The story of the game evolves around crystal like structures. In the few hours I played it, I destroyed crystals and killed zombies the whole time. I don’t understand what these crystals are for but I do know that this game gets very boring, very fast. As hard as I tried I couldn’t understand the story of the game it just seemed to me killing zombies and destroying crystals were the only challenges this game had in store.

The gameplay of Block Zombies was rather trying at times. The glitches I experienced were small and all over the place. From getting stuck in fences to getting stuck on nothing, this game was hard as it is and this just makes it even worse. The whole game seemed to have no goal except kills zombies, level up weapons, and destroy crystals. The game seemed to get boring after about an hour of gameplay. The game doesn’t have any “cool” features to keep the player intrigued. The controls are very annoying. When you aim at something your supposed to hit them right? Wrong, Block Zombies aiming is horrible. If you aim on a zombie and think it might hit them then your probably going to miss them. I had to aim to the left of a zombie just to hit it.

Block Zombies graphics are horrible and plain. The game is plain and offers nothing new compared to any zombie game. If anything this game went back in time rather than moving up to present day graphics. When I first turned on the game I asked myself “what the hell is that blob”? Then I soon found out that its the main character. The zombies look like they scoot their asses across the ground rather than walking. The landscapes look exceptionally well but it doesn’t cut from the fact that the graphics are still horrible. The sounds consist of moans, shots, and explosions. So in other words nothing out of the ordinary, if not less then ordinary.

So my conclusion would have to be that Block Zombies was not the best and not the worst. I have seen many other worse games but this one comes close. The game is only 80 MPS ($1) but you get what you pay for. The game has many flaws. From the glitches to the graphics each flaw makes this game that much less playable. This game is for the hardcore zombie game lovers because it doesn’t add anything new or fun except shooting zombies.

Story: 3
Gameplay: 5
Graphics: 2
Sound: 4
Overall: 3.5/10

Block Zombies was developer by Nostatic Software

In a world gone wrong, one girl stands alone. Alone, but not unarmed!

Strange crystalline structures have turned the populace into mindless, zombie-like creatures.

Explore a variety of environments and upgrade your arsenal as you take on the zombies and blow them into their constituent blocky bits.

Fight the Zombies! Stop the Infection! Save the Day!


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