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Nioki Adventure coming soon to PC and Xbox360

Nioki Adventure is made by french indie studio Bido Games. Nioki Adventure is a cooperative 2D sandbox game; but make no mistake the concept, gameplay, crafting, exploration and all these new features will be totally different to offer an advanced, innovative and unique experience for this type of game.

They are looking make an approach on Terraria type games, including and adding more features:

  • Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Exploration
  • Bosses
  • Construction
  • RPG Traits
  • Skill Tree

The game looks gorgeous and features some visuals on what we already are accustomed to, such as “Terraria” and “Blocks That Matter” Which is also made by a French Indie Studio as well.  Myself, I am not too much into the whole Terraria/Minecrafting sort of deal.  But with every improvement of certain genre of games such as Sandbox/Voxel, they tend to gain my interest more and more.  Below is attached screenshots of the upcoming game.  Don’t forget to visit their website at Nioki Adventure and their twitter @NiokiAdventure




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