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Indies at First Sight: Brand and Cell: Emergence

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Well I have followed Brand halfway into development, I was impressed by the visuals and some of the character artwork.  In this game you are to make a sword fit for a king.  You are to go on certain quests to obtain different augmentations for the sword.  I found the gameplay to be moderate, but there were a few snags here and there that really pushed my button.  For one, enemies seem to block your path and there is no real way without sacrificing your health just to reach an area.  The physics of the game need to be tweaked and the jumping on enemies really annoyed me.  There could have been some more animation options for the developer, seeing as this really hit the nail in the coffin.  The soundtrack stands out pretty well, but doesn’t make up for any of the faults in-game.  Brand will annoy you, I don’t know if you need a certain platforming skill in order to make it through enemies, but the last time I checked, the only you bounce off an enemy in any game, they actually die.  Altogether, I am sorry to say that Brand does get a 2.5 out of 5, needs a massive overhaul of control options and a physics makeover.

Cell: Emergence

So you might have heard about this game through the grapevine. In mid 2011 we had a lineup of quite a few indie games to represent the Indie Games Summer Uprising, and Cell: Emergence was one of them.  I really liked the concept of this game, but was somewhat disappointed upon entering the game. At first it really isn’t a big deal, to get to the menu screen, you can’t just click-through.  The total time it even takes you to remotely start the game is about 5 minutes time, by then you are either annoyed or confused.  The cut scenes gave me some sort of OCD as they weren’t covering my whole screen and showing way too many black bars.  The voice acting was nice and pleasant.  Anyways, the whole entire game is based in a sick little girls body, you are to destroy anything that harms her, this is where it got even more frustrating.  Cell: Emergence takes you into a micro sized world inside her body, you use the medicine given to her to fight off the virus that is spreading through her body.  The first level was so easy, got to the 2nd level and was just totally confused, after that, I remained confused throughout the whole entire game.  It would have been good if the developer had some sort of screenshot tutorial instead just telling you to shoot things.  Altogether this game gets a 3 out of 5, needs a tutorial, needs an easier mode, this thing is stuck on super insane mode.


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