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Rhythm Party (Kinect) XBLA Review

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Well this will be my first Kinect game I am reviewing.  It will be a difficult task to review the controls, seeing as I am the controller.  I grew up with a lot of video games when I was younger, I visited arcades almost on a weekly basis, and more often as I got older and had a job.  I remember when I first got into rhythm gaming, it was DDR, I can’t really specify which DDR it was.  I had a ton of fun gathering my friends to go to our local mall and step it up on a good old DDR pad.  I later purchased an at home DDR pad for PS2, it wasn’t the same experience, as the pad from the arcade didn’t move.

I can say that Konami really does the dancing game genre pretty well.  Rhythm Party felt like DDR all over again, but with my body.  I found myself completely into the tunes emitting from the speakers, I even shook my hips for a little bit.  I even got my friend to try it out, she was amazed at how fun it actually was.  I found something else later on that I really didn’t pick up on, you know how you hate to use your full body as the controller of Kinect Game UI, well you can use both the controller and Kinect to control your menus, this was a big relief and made me enjoy picking songs. The Kinect UI isn’t really that great to navigate through.  Rhythm Party isn’t just a punch here and kick there, you need to experiment a little bit with your body and pull off tricks and get higher trick score, I was able to pull off a high kick at least once, and started doing a moshing type style to the songs.  It was certainly an experience I will soon repeat after this review.

The soundtrack was an array of famous songs carefully mixed and fit the overall gameplay very nicely.  One of the most famous of dancing songs is the YMCA by the Village People, this was always a party favorite and was even more fun dancing to it in rhythm with Rhythm Party.  The visuals were another thing that caught my attention.  It seems that some songs will give your body certain virtual augmentations as you progress through the song, such as a man with a boombox for a head or an astronaut suit.  Each of these little augmentations fits well with the song and backdrop.

Final Verdict:

I absolutely love rhythm games, I felt that Konami is definitely going in the right direction with this title.  I heard it has DLC, which I am yet to get and plan on getting.  The overall Rhythm Party experience gives that DDR feeling.  Altogether Rhythm Party gets a 4.5 out of 5.  It brought be joy, sweat and the occasional stretch just to play.  I feel motion gaming could bring back the rhythm genre of gaming.  For now I will leave you off on this note, GET IT!


One response

  1. All Pictures that you give in this blog is very beautiful.Rythm party is a wonderful game.I am looking forward to it.

    February 20, 2012 at 4:42 am

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