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FluffyCraft iOS Review

Platform – iOS
Marketlink – Here
Developers – Running Pixel and Gameccino

Review by: Master Blud
The use of physics and puzzle games have made mobile gaming what it is today. Whether it be your well-known Angry Birds, or what possibly started it all with Crush the Castle. Whatever your choice in physic based puzzle games, each one is different in their own way. Same goes for FluffyCraft, which uses very different mechanics and objectives.

When first loading up FluffyCraft, you are welcomed by a short story board, in which you are a teacher who is teaching other little fluffies. It seems that the fluffies have gotten lost and you must find each one of them. You have a responsibility in this game, but don’t let that make you over think the actual gameplay.

I found the gameplay unique in its own way, as you are using little trampolines to get to your objective. You could have a whole screen of trampolines or just one to reach the goal. Your objective is simple but will sometimes leave you in rage, that’s where all the fun is anyways, all the rage, who wants a game that’s too easy? You must save the fluffies, each level differs and the fluffies could be scattered throughout the level, thus testing how well you set up your trajectory angles.

The visuals are cute, not too over the top, feels just right. Character animation fits the over feeling of the game. All the characters look the same, the big fluffy must save the little fluffies. I think I have said fluffy way too much in this review………fluffy. Now I want to go get those Fluffy Ball Toysand set up my own little course. The soundtrack really didn’t seem to fit the overall gameplay and visuals. It felt like it was trying to overcompensate for something, as I don’t know what. Still trying to pin this down myself. I think it might be the lack of levels, which is 27.

Final Verdict:
This game is good, and not bad at all. It stands on a level of something that may annoy you, and be your best friend. Altogether FluffyCraft gets a 4.5 out of 5. It seems the game might had fallen short of some expectations, the lack of levels seems to be putting this game behind the race. I would recommend the developer adding more levels, but time will tell.


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