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VVGtv Exclusive: Freds Fridays Numba 5, it’s time to eat

Alright you flesh eating mortals, it’s time for another Freds Fridays. Have you ever wanted to become a doctor? Well how about living in your parents basement? Well if you answered yes to at least one of them, you’re in luck. Today we have…………uhm……WTF IS THAT? RUN! RUN B*TCH RUN! No but seriously, that is one ugly looking motherf*cker huh? Let us do some community questions here, fill out down below your response to this question. “If you saw this………..thing… front of you, what would you do? Personally, I would ask him what’s wrong, then he would go on and tell me his life story. I would then have to invent some sort of translator because all I hear is gash braaaa dooooo eeee voooo naaaaaa. What a silly incantation huh? Well leave your comments below on your response.  For more information on Night of the Fred visit Sticky DPad Games or follow them on twitter @StickyDpadGames.


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