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ScaryGirl Review

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Review by: Master Blud
In a world, unlike any other, there seems to be that one being that will set your heart in motion.  I have never read the graphic novel ScaryGirl, but the game has caught my imagination and interest.  I also plan to purchase this book sometime in the near future, as I have enjoyed the narrative story within ScaryGirl.  Between all the platformers that have released in the past year, ScaryGirl gave me quite the thrill.

Image from Scarygirl

The gameplay feels more than your standard platformers, as a platformer fan myself I found the challenges it gave were on a moderate level.  Being able to glide, shoot, and climb your way up to dangerous levels, was certainly satisfying.  Earning new skills was one of the high points of the game.    The bosses were a great challenge and tested my wits, although they did have me almost rage quitting because I didn’t know how to beat each boss.  The controls felt as they should on your typical platformer, somewhat stable and not too floaty.

Visually the game is stunning, reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas.  Between the forest, jungles, and icy mountains, ScaryGirl gave me visual splendor.  As for the audible department, it is really tough to nail down.  I wasn’t really in favor of the soundtrack, although it gave me an eerie feeling, it seemed like it didn’t fit the overall vibe of the game.   It is really hard to judge a game by listening to it and looking at it.  I feel that gameplay and controls are possibly the most important to enjoying a game.  At an end result, the visuals made up for the lack of ambience in audio.

Image from Scarygirl

Final Thoughts:

Should you try or buy?  Platformers are not for everyone, I still recommend a good platformer.  It is hard to say if I recommend this game, it serves a challenge, some fun, and a story following the most adorable little girl.  Altogether ScaryGirl gets a 3.8 out of 5, needs more polish in the audio, controls and collision detection could be worked on a little more.  I do recommend this title for the platformer fan in you.


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