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-Platformines- Development update: Inventories, Energy, Ugly Pizza Monsters

Grabbed from DevBlog at Magicko Gaming:

What’s new in the Platformines development these days ?

As you can see at the beginning of the video (watch in HD), there is now a ‘customize hero’ screen that lets you deck out your dude. We are still adding more possibilities but already you can make some pretty original faces.

Inventories: We have full working interfaces for exchanging objects, storing, buying and selling your goods. This was a pretty heavy task to design and code, so it’s really nice to see it fully functional ingame.

We have started to implement the whole progression of the game: increasing difficulty requiring you to get better energy belts and weapons to be able to go further down. Lots of work is left in order to actually fine tune it all, but it will be a fun task (hopefully!).

Finally, some content has been added, like sounds and music, traps, blocks, monsters, ect… still a lot of content to be done as well.


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