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Indies at First Sight: Octopede and Growing Pains, Games worth your time

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Most of you know me for my love of Retro Games, and Millipede is one of those retro games I enjoy. Octopede takes snake to a whole new level, with its very addicting gameplay, very upbeat soundtrack and memorable visuals. Controlling your Octopede may not be the most instant gratification for modern gamers, but it is nice to take a step away from your mundane game and appreciate what started it all. Octopede is a game of evasion and the use of your wits in the ability to get a high score. Like the original snake, you only had 4 directions you could go, up, down, left and right. With Octopede you have 4 more directions you can go , up-left, up-right, down-left and down-right. This is why the game is called Octo (meaning 8) and pede for well I think you would get that one. You have powerups in the game to help you clear the area of enemies, you have enemies who have a radial defense and some that just go through the stage trapping you until you lose the rest of your tail. The object of the game is both trying to get a high score and destroying anything in your path. I had fun with Octopede, I kept playing it, long after the 3 hours I was originally planning to play the game. Altogether Octopede gets a 5 out of 5, it’s a classic game revisited and has certainly made an impression on me.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains
No this is not that TV show, no it has nothing to do with why it itches down there, and no your mother and I are not getting a divorce. Growing Pains is a unique platformer in which your character keeps growing, but watch out, you grow too big and you lose speed and the ability to jump higher. With an original soundtrack and trippy visuals makes this title more exciting to play everytime. I felt that the controls were pretty spot on and didn’t give me much of an issue. The level design felt challenging enough, making my way through corridor after corridor, trying to reach each checkpoint before I grow too big. The game does get moderately difficult when reaching more levels, but that is where all the fun is. The game isn’t too short, it was enough for the time I spent on it. Altogether, growing pains gets a 4.5 out of 5.


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    Thanks again for such an awesome review!

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