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VVGtv Exclusive: Freds Fridays #4, Our Visual Journey Begins!

Alright you creeps, it’s Freds Fridays. We know you love seeing the exclusive stuff here on VVGtv. Make sure to share with anyone you please, even linking in to past Freds Fridays as well. This week we are treated to a teaser trailer to Night of the Fred by Sticky DPad Games, and boy oh boy does it set the mood. Although cartoonish, it gives me the chills every time I watch it now. We hope you enjoy this weeks Freds Friday. Below is a little breakdown and update on the development process of Night of the Fred. Follow them on twitter too @StickDPadGames.

For the trailer:
The main idea for it is just to give people a glimpse of what the games about. As well as the games feel and atmosphere. Since announcing the game, we haven’t really revealed much, and nothing at all video wise. So we decided to put together a teaser trailer with what we have so far. Admittedly, there’s no zombie killing gameplay, but who’s to say there won’t be next month? 😉

The trailer is showing Fred go through some of the different areas in the game. Firstly there’s the first town of the game, LeafFall, Fred’s home town. Secondly is the snow town of the game, and thirdly, is a key scene in the game, but we ain’t tellin’! I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory!

Development is going well. We now have the inventory in and working! We’re also working on companions, quite a few of them as well! Work on the second town has begun, and still on course to hit that October 2012 release date!


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