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BRAND! Available Now on Xbox Indie Games

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Brand is now available from  Nine Dots Studios on the Xbox Live Indie Games.  Below is details on the game and the release trailer for the Brand. Brand is currently available for 80 Microsoft points.

Excerpt from older post: Xbox Indie Games Getting a Well Deserved Brand 

Assets and Description grabbed from Nine Dots Studios

Brand is a pilot project and is developed using XNA Game studio and will be available on the Xbox live Indie Games channel. Nine Dots Studio plans to port Brand to PC and digitally distribute it. Brand is an archaic word used to describe a sword.

Here is the trailer of Brand displaying most of the Powers and Monsters in the game.

Brand is a customization game contained in a 2.5D action game. The player has a very simple task: he is handed a pathetic sword and asked to make it fit for a king. In order to do so, he must get help from a Mage, a Smith and a Chemist to enhance the sword until it is deemed strong enough. The three of them will send the hero to face monsters in a Steampunk Castle, an Alexandrite Mine and a Cursed Necropolis to gather reagents used to upgrade the titular sword.

The player has a wide array of choices in how to upgrade his sword, and these upgrades directly affect the player’s abilities, so that every new game offers a different experience. Expect a few jokes along the way, as you battle ever more powerful monsters with an increasingly ludicrous weapon. A game should last for a few hours, but the high replayability will make up for it. Being a game for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, it has to be easy to pick-up and play, convincing the player to purchase the full game after a few minutes of trial!

Here are the nine powers that can be upgraded in Brand. Additional rewards await those who upgrade thematically linked powers.

Powers from the blacksmith:

Refine increases the potency of every other power, changing the blade’s material from pig iron up to mystical metals.

This upgrade increases the damage of the three basic attacks available from the start. It changes the shape of the sword, making it increasingly impressive and ornate.

This process increases the reach of the dashing attack and allows to dash through multiple monsters or through a bigger one. This upgrade makes the sword leave a trail as its sharp edge rends through the air.

Powers from the chemist:

Poison Coating
Any quick attack from a poisonous sword will cause the enemy’s life to wither away. Multiple attacks increase the poison’s potency and thus the damage over time it causes. The blade oozes toxic ichor, making it clear your hero is not concerned with honor but only with dealing death.

Demon Blood Coating
Usually, a blocking hero takes less damage and doesn’t recoil from enemy attacks, but with this upgrade, blocking becomes an attack! Dark tendrils surge out of the blade and shred any opponent while you stay in a defensive stance. This vile enhancement is double-edged however. Block for too long and you’ll start taking damage too, as the hazardous substance ravages your body as well.

Sun Dust Coating
This power gives the sword a chance to randomly deal critical damage on any given hit, which becomes more frequent as the ability is upgraded. Huge lens flares burst forth from the sword as a critical hit is scored, enveloping the screen in a bright and kitschy glow.

Powers from the mage:

Fire Spell
With this power, every heavy attack sends out a wave of fire forward, making this one of the few ways to attack at a distance. A haze of flames surrounds a blade thus enhanced.

Time Bend Spell
This spell transforms the dash into the ability to teleport through enemies, attacking each of them multiple times. This mighty work of magic cannot be fully contained by reality, causing ethereal time fractures to follow your blade’s every movement.

Shadow Spell
This power creates a shadowy blade that strikes behind the hero while he attacks enemies in front of him. A spiral of eldritch litanies surrounds the blade, ominously humming, ready to be activated.


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