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Community Replay returns on Wednesday!

By: Daizoren

Last year we had a semi-long running series of videos (Inspired by the guys over at Gameinformer) called “Community Replay” where we would take a look at a past generation game and see how well it holds up to the test of time. Season 2 is on the brink of release! This Wednesday (February 1st, 2012) we’ll release the first episode of Season 2 of Community Replay. We will also start releasing episodes every consecutive Wednesday for a given amount of time.

We also had a smaller series called “Ultra Replay” that consisted of community members doing a playthrough of Diablo II. This trailed off because the leader of the content had a lot of personal things going on (Newborn baby, Marriage, etc.) but we’re happy to announce that Ultra Replay has returned and will also be releasing on a regular schedule of every Monday starting today! So go watch episode 5 of the Diablo II Ultra Replay. You can check it out below!


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