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VVGtv Exclusive: Freds Fridays No.2 Let’s eat Brains! (Interview)

Ok ladies and germs, it is time for another Freds Friday here on VVGtv.  This week we have an interview with Adam, we ate his brains, so if he starts to slur in his typing, it isn’t my fault he is so tasty.  Night of the Fred is currently in development by StickyDPadGames.  Follow them on their twitter too, at StickDPadGames.

VVGtv – Hey Adam, thanks for taking the time to talk about Sticky Dpad Games and Night of the Fred.

A – Not a problem! Hopefully we can answer some of your burning questions! Fire away!

VVGtv– What is your background history in gaming?

A – If we are talking about playing them, it goes all the way back to the NES era. As time went on, I’ve played every console under the sun. Even today I’m a massive retro gamer. It’s great finding those undiscovered games from the past. When talking about creating them..erm.. that’s a different story. This is the first ever game I’ve worked on..

VVGtv – What inspired the game Night of the Fred?

A – With the whole sub-genre now if you will of Zombies, we wanted to try a fresh approach on something that’s been done to death (no pun intended!) With us both being fans of the old school RPGs, such as Zelda and Earthbound, it inspired us to take the whole zombie thing, and blend it with the action RPGs of yesteryear.

A lot of games today focus on just the killing of Zombies, with no objective in mind. We wanted to create a game where zombie killing is still fun and fresh, yet add quests and story to keep the player engaged. Rather than replaying the game to beat their high score, we want players to come back to unlock unique weapons, item and a few other little secrets we have up our sleeves. Or just wanting to see how the story unravels and what happens to the characters and people in the gameworld. In short, we wanted to make a zombie game where killing them wasn’t the primary objective.

It was also an opportunity for us to attempt something new, and come at the genre with a different perspective. Our goal really is for people to enjoy it, and have fun! Too many games today feel like a chore to complete, and despite being technologic brilliant, they lack a certain charm we hope to have with ‘Night Of The Fred’.

VVGtv – How do you see Xbox Live Indie Games in its current form?

A – That’s a tough question. It’s hard to say whether it’s got better or worse. The quality of games that not only are on the channel, but have been released in the last year, are the best it’s ever seen. It’s apparent just looking at the number of games that have made the jump from Xbox Live Indie Games, and have moved onto bigger and better things, like Steam. Games like ‘DLC Quest’, ‘Dead Pixels’ and ‘Cthulhu Saves The World’ have all shown that the channel can generate a great number of sales, and that the market is there.

Yet weirdly, Microsoft seem like they are trying to sweep Indie Games ‘under the rug’. Everybody knows of the problems with the new dashboard, and how ridiculously hard they have made it to even so much as browse the catalogue. Another thing I’ve noticed, from a personal point, so this may not apply to everyone, but how unpublicised the Dream.Build.Play contest has become over the years. I remember when it first came about, how big and grand it was. You’d see advertisements all over Xbox Live and a large amount of websites. Yet now, it’s hard enough finding out when the contest is held, and that’s when you’re looking for it!

I think it’s a shame that Microsoft are not paying hardly any attention to the Indie Game channel. Great games like The Dishwasher have proved how successfully independent developers can make Xbox Live Arcade quality titles, so why aren’t they paying more attention?

Ain't she a CUTIE!?

VVGtv– How many people are involved in the development of “Night of the Fred”?

A – Just the two of us. Jamie is the brains behind the game, dealing with all the technical aspects. And I’m the looks, creating all the art work for it. Between us, we are the designer’s as well. There’s not just one person involved in the creative process of designing the game. I think that’s the main advantage of working with a partner in game development. The fact you can bounce ideas back and forward really helps. You can’t imagine how bad the original concept for ‘Night Of The Fred’ was before we started brainstorming together ha!
VVGtv – On your freetime, what other hobbies and activities take your interest?

A – Freetime? What’s that? Ha! Honestly, since starting ‘Night Of The Fred’, freetime has been extremely sparse. I used to play football (or soccer!) quite a fair bit before starting development, and although I still get to from time to time, it’s extremely rare now. Obviously gaming was a big one too. I still find time to game, albeit not as much, but when I do I convince myself that it’s research to make it seem justified!

VVGtv – Is there any other projects you were involved with, that haven’t been released to the public, if so, give us the deets!

A – Literally, there is nothing! Jamie has worked on a few projects himself, for college and University projects, but this is our very first game together. It’s all quite scary and exciting at the same time really. People ask us quite frequently if taking on a game of such scale as our first project was a mistake. Coming from both of us, we completely disagree. If anything, as developers, we encourage it! Of course, making a small, simple game, like Pong isn’t going to be anywhere as near demanding. But what’s the point of creating something if you aren’t going to give it your all, and challenge yourself?

VVGtv – Thanks again Adam for taking the time to answer some important questions.

A – Thank you for having us! It’s been great speaking to you guys! We look forward to speaking again sometime! 😀


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