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Hypership STILL Out of Control now available. Where’s my F*cking Brakes?

Fun Infused Games is proud to announce the release of their retro gaming tour de force “Hypership Still Out of Control” for Xbox Live Indie Games for the price of 80 Microsoft Points. Hypership Still Out of Control is the follow-up to the 2010 smash hit Hypership Out of Control, adding completely redone artwork, new music, a new wave, and nine modified waves.

Image from Hypership Still Out of Control

Hypership Still Out of Control places you inside an insanely fast spacecraft still rocketing through space, accelerator still pushed to the floor and brakes still nonoperational. Your goal is to survive as long as you can by dodging or destroying asteroids, space mines, and floating blocks that realistically have no business being in space. The longer you live, the higher your score and the more bragging rights you will have.

Game Features:

4 unique game modes plus forward and reverse for each.

9 updated waves and 1 brand new wave.

Completely remastered retro graphics.

1 brand new song in addition to the previous Hypership music.

Asteroids twice as big as your head.

Maniacal laughter that still mocks your death.


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