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Indies at First Sight: Firefly Vegas and Spartans in Candyland

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FireFly VegasI have seen and played many twin stick shooters, but Firefly Vegas takes the cake. You may be familiar with the neon themed twin stick shooter such as Geometry Wars, but this title seems a little darker with a hint of a fireworks show. Also adding a different control scheme to the mix which is called dynamic, which I really wasn’t in favor, gave it too much of an Asteroids control feeling, I’m not against Asteroids, just didn’t seem to fit the overall game. So I just stuck with the retro mode, which I am more comfortable with. There is your survival mode, which you must last as long as you can, and timed mode, both are equally fun to play. You get upgrades as you play the game, making your weapon change as you collect letters. I still haven’t found out what the little things I am collecting after I destroy an enemy do, I will make sure to update when I find that out. I had fun with this title, the soundtrack was very fitting and the overall light show it gave me was satisfying. But for 240 Microsoft Points, for the content it has, is pretty decent. I give this title a 4 out of 5. The price is still questionable, a help guide or tutorial would have made this game more enjoyable. The dynamic controls were not that great, so go retro if you feel like not thinking too much.

Spartans in Candyland

Spartans in CandyLand had me scratching my head for sometime before I actually played it. It always seems to amaze me, the quality some developers can produce. The initial screenshots and boxart say nothing about the game. When I had booted it up, the game still had that appeal on the menu screen. As soon as I started my first game, I was blown away by the visual quality as well as the twin stick control scheme, it seemed appropriate, well down and overall satisfying. The only real issue I had is with some of the sound effects not sounding right or not sounding at all. You have a choice between 4 Spartans, one of them is a female. Each Spartan you choose has a special power which can either stun their enemy or destroy multiple enemies at once. The weapons were another one of my favorite parts in the game, each seemed to get me excited as I equipped each one. The objective in the game is basically survival with a domination feeling. The game has local multiplayer only, so I was stuck playing by myself, which really doesn’t bother me all that much. Another great part of the game is the level design and characters, think of a town with random sweets dropped from the sky, and little cute multicolored aliens of small to large size chasing you around like they want to be your friend, you must destroy theses aliens. Anyway, I had a good laugh with this title and enjoyed the time played. I give this title a 4.5 out of 5. I really recommend this title to play with your friends, so invite them over and get into candyland.  Since there is really no actual trailer, and they gave me development videos, I thought this would be more appropriate.


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  1. Thanks for the first sight review, I’ll be releasing update 1.1 for FireFly Vegas in March so please stay tuned…!

    February 11, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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