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Nine Dots Gets Boost for Brand!

Nine Dots Studio successfully meets its crowd funding
campaign goal thanks to a very substantial donation

Québec, Canada – January 16th – Less than a month before the deadline for its crowd funding campaign on RocketHub, Nine Dots Studio met its campaign goal. This might not have been possible without a single contribution of an astounding 8200 dollars. The highest reward was offered for contributions of 2500$, making this an act of incredible generosity. Now that it met its objective, the studio is confident that they will be able to finally get out of the founder’s apartment, where they’ve been working for almost a year.

Two weeks are still left before the deadline and contributors are still very welcome to support the studio by buying one of the many rewards offered on their campaign. The rewards offered can be very appealing to gamers, students and developers alike.

RocketHub Campaign link:

About Nine Dots Studio

Created in Québec city, Nine Dots Studio is a new independent studio that started production on its first title in March 2011. Almost a year later, they are about to release their first project on Xbox Live Indie Games. They are currently looking into PC distribution platforms as well.

The team is currently composed of 5 individuals working full time on this start-up. Their intent is to create a profitable studio in which they create the kind of games they want to play, without facing the abuses commonly observed in video game development.


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