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The Quadtastic Launch Collection from Radiangames

The Quadtastic Launch Collection contains 4 games premiering for the first time on PC and Mac:
• Inferno+ – An atmospheric twin-stick action-RPG that improves significantly on the original XBLIG hit. Inferno was named the best XBLIG of 2010 by Signed-In Podcast.
• Ballistic – A frenetic and refined twin-stick arcade shooter. Ballistic was named one of the Top 10 XBLIG of 2011 by Armless Octopus.
• Fireball – The swarm-dodging arcade-action XBLIG cult classic with enhanced graphics and a brand new mode.
• Slydris – A brand-new elegant and unique puzzle game that feels familiar and fresh at the same time. This is the first time Slydris will be available on any platform.

All 4 games will be available for download on January 24th, and all will be DRM-free. Pre-orders receive a discounted price of $9.99, with a price of $11.99 for those who wait until January 24th or later. The Quadtastic Launch Collection will be available for a limited time (until February 1st).

A trailer for the Quadtastic Launch Collection is available here:

In addition to the Quadtastic Launch Collection, two other larger collections are now available:
• Super Radiangames Collection ($12.99 now, $14.99 on January 24th) – Includes everything in the Quadtastic Launch Collection, plus Super Crossfire for PC/Mac (available for download immediately).
• I Love Radiangames Collection ($19.99) – Includes everything in the Quadtastic Launch Collection, plus Super Crossfire, access to the Inferno+ Beta, and high-quality MP3s of All 5 Soundtracks (all extras immediately available for download).

The Super Radiangames Collection and I Love Radiangames Collection will both continue to be available after February 1st, and individual copies of each game will also go on sale on February 1st ($6.99 for Inferno+, $4.99 for all others).

Finally, Radiangames will be donating a percentage of all sales to charity. The more collections are sold, the higher the percentage will be donated (minimum 5%, maximum 25%). Go to for additional details.


Formed in early 2010, Radiangames is devoted to creating a series of small, high-quality downloadable games. Radiangames created 7 games on XBLIG from May 2010 to January 2011. Super Crossfire debuted on iPad and iPhone in October 2011 (Metacritic of 82), was #11 in’s Top 50 of 2011, and runner-up in G4TV’s Reviews on Runs’ Best iOS Shoot’ Em Up of 2011. Super Crossfire launched on PC and Mac as part of Indie Royale’s New Year’s Bundle in January 2012.


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