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Indies at First Sight: Burger Jack and Perkunas’ Dragon

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Burger Jack

Burger Jack

Well from all classic games like Root Beer tapper and Diner Dash, comes a game not so far away from these 2 titles.  You play as a young boy who really wants to buy this new gadget at the store, but he doesn’t have any money.  You must bring the young boy through various different jobs, serving food to your hungry customers, in order to gain your wages.  This title is not an easy one, don’t let this cute cartoon artwork fool you, you’ll need moderate to fast memory skills in order to remember which order of food is needed, and be coordinated enough to actually serve up the food fast enough before the customers get angry.  The soundtrack fits pretty well in there, the visuals just give it that lovable feeling that makes up for the challenges.  The only real problem I found was to be the actual button layout and controls, most of the time it felt a little sticky at some points, I would like to see a patch to customize my button layout.  Altogether this game gets a 4 out of 5.

Image from Burger Jack

Perkunas’ Dragon

Perkunas' Dragon: Episode One

So I kept trying to come back to this game, I played a total of 3 hours of this game, and all of it was in the first 3-4 levels.  I don’t know if it was me or the game, but everything seemed to be off by so much.  The controls weren’t much of the problem, it seemed the game was unforgiving, and almost seemed impossible to dodge every single creature or destroy them.  One of the most annoying enemies were the crows ( They Looked like Crows), who just came out of no where.  The playable screen area seemed too small of an area, they could have incorporated some sort of hub or a smaller area to put your health, mana, and attacks.  The artwork is nice, but the animations used in the game seemed a bit too jumpy and little irritating.  This game is unfortunately going to get a 3 out of 5, it definitely needs a layout improvement, and I definitely don’t want to see it show the facebook page on every load screen again.

Image from Perkunas' Dragon: Episode One


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