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Trailer Park King Episode 2 Review

Trailer Park King Episode 2
Developer – Freelance Games
Developer Twitter – Freelancegames Twitter
Price – 80 MSP
Market URL – Here
Genre – Action/Adventure
Rating – 4.8 out of 5

Review by: Master Blud

Well if you have played the first Trailer Park King, you already know the not so subtle humor of the game.  It has sexual references, big bewbs, weird characters, and buckets of crap.  The developer has requested that I try to keep most of the story out of the review, so I will just go through the first chapter with you. Get your reading material ready because we are visiting the outhouse!

Alright so in Trailer Park King episode 1, you were left off as Truck was dead.  Truck, possibly not the brightest in the bunch, has a funeral at the start of episode 2, you must meet by the funeral tree.  Since it took so long for this funeral, Truck was kept on ice, you must find something to break the ice and something to transport him to the actual funeral.  Well you get to the funeral and………….(Holy Bucket of Crap).

The overall visuals are pretty well done, there really isn’t much animation to be had in this game.  I can say that in this episode of Trailer Park King, there is actual gameplay you can do to help you progress through the story, I haven’t found out if it completely alters the story line if I fail the task or not.  The soundtrack stands out pretty well as it gives that real redneck vibe, the voice acting as in the first is still great to this day in the 2nd episode.

Final Thoughts:

As ridiculous as this game is and how some might think this is just trash for the Xbox Indies, it proves to us that one person can learn to market their game and appeal it many.  I mean, come on, the game has bewbs, lately it seems that is all gamers care about.  Altogether this game gets a 4.8 out of 5, I enjoyed it for the time that I have played, I do recommend you pick this up for a good laugh, but play episode 1 or you won’t get any of it.

Image from Trailer Park King Episode 2


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