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Wonton 51 iOS Review

Developer – Quarter Circle Punch Game Works
Twitter – QCP Twitter
Marketlink – Wonton 51



All things shmup, I have played my fair share of shmup games this year, especially on iOS.  I have basically grown to love them more and more as the quality improves.  I still am yet to get the knack of avoiding oncoming bullets, but as I keep playing, my skills seem to get better.

Wonton 51 is a retro japanese shmup, you play as Johnny, who must save the ramen (yes noodles). The noodles act as power ups for your gun, as well as your health meter. You are to guide Johnny through a lot obstacles that seem very hard to see when using the default control scheme. In order to even remotely see where you are going, you must lift your finger until an actual enemy appears, this also makes it hard to judge where the obstacles are, there are warnings of when an actual threat is approaching. I found it nerve-racking to find out what is coming, and if it was an enemy or a building I am going to encounter. The controls that were released with this title, were not in my favor, especially because I was playing on an iPod touch. I heard some were experiencing it better on the iPad.

I proceeded on with this game, playing multiple times a day. I waited for a patch, because it needed it so badly. The game now has a one touch slide function, which you will now be able to effectively see what is coming towards you, making my judgement more fair then the initial controls. The soundtrack has that retro vibe, there are voice actors in it who just say one liners. The overall visuals were pretty slick, everything seemed to be well crafted, even the explosions were pretty cool to look at.

Final Thoughts:
After the patch, I had absolute fun with this title. I have not always been a big fan on the shmups, seems I require more skill when it comes to dodging anything (I was bad at dodgeball in school). Altogether I give this title a 4 out of 5.


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