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Preview of the 1Up Extra-Life Documentary

This is a short, 5 minute segment from our upcoming documentary about the Extra-Life 24 Hour gaming charity. We’re also having a contest to design the logo for the video and the DVD!

If you’re interested in making a logo, we’re looking for an 8-bit or 16-bit style logo that contains the title “1Up: The Extra-Life Documentary” somewhere on it. Be creative and you might have your design chosen. The contest ends at the end of the year, so all submissions need to be sent in by January 1st, 2012. You can send your submission to and the winner will receive a free copy of the documentary on DVD. All designs will be featured on our website, so make sure you get your submission in soon!

The music used in this preview are from Sonic 2 and Final Fantasy VII and are owned by their respective companies.

This film is non-profit and solely used in order to show the effects of 24 hours of straight gaming and the great feats that people will go in order to raise money for charity. For more information on Extra-Life, you can find their website here


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