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FireFly Vegas Released

Press Release from ROCKMINT: FireFly Vegasis an exciting intergalactic themed casual twin stick arena shooter with action packed retro arcade gameplay, vibrant graphics, a frenzy of visually impressive particles systems and custom atmospheric audio. Developed using the R.A.C.E (RockMint Application Construction Engine) and bespoke music by Phatso Records, provides an intense, immersive and highly playable dynamic gaming experience.

Image from FireFly Vegas

FireFly Vegas has been conceptualised and in development for several years, with the intention of providing countless hours of quality entertainment value and excitement to a wide global demographic. The custom soundtracks were specifically designed to align to a requirements brief to provide:- dynamic, epic, uptempo and video game themed ambience. The original platform release is for the XBOX Live Marketplace; followed by ports to the PC and Mobile platforms. The production of FireFly has leveraged Rockmints bespoke in-house development engine which was operationalised through the dynamic execution framework, thus facilitating a flexible development cycle and time to market. Website: Soundtracks:  FireFly Vegas Title Soundtrack – Interstella Lovin by Phatso Records. FireFly Vegas In Game Soundtrack – The FireFly Vegas Theme by Phatso Records.


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