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IndieCity Opens to the Public!

Article by: Master Blud

It has come to my attention that IndieCity went LIVE Recently.  They have a collection of really great titles.  Now you might be thinking that some games might not be your taste on the service, IndieCity is for independent games of all walks of life.  So why not support these hard-working developers and check out IndieCity right now. Who knows, you might find something you like and possibly become a fan of. Below is a press release from the Indie City Blog.

IndieCity, the new one stop shop for indie games, is now fully open to everyone. With over 45 games already on the Store the developers on IndieCity are well on their way to hitting their Developer Challenge goal, and gamers already have plenty of choice, showing off the range of diversity and creativity that indie gaming has to offer.

One of the key features of IndieCity is its recommendations engine, taking the effort out of finding games, and letting gamers spend their time playing rather than hunting down the games they’ll love.

IndieCity provides a download client to manage the IndieCity games catalogue, while also allowing gamers to choose for free games and demos to be automatically downloaded ready for them to play. It also gives fantastic revenue shares to developers, with up to 85% going to them if they integrate with IndieCity’s SDK. A promotion currently being run can increase this revenue share even further, up to 90% if 100 games are on the Store by 31st December.

“It’s absolutely fantastic to now be open to the public” said Chris Swan, project lead for the team. “The fundamental reason for IndieCity existing was the lack of a single destination website that allowed gamers to explore the entire breadth of the indie gaming scene. So I’m already delighted that the variety of the games being sold, even in this early phase, fully backs up our beliefs”

Interested developers should go to to find out how they can add their games to the site, which normally takes less than 30 minutes. Gamers can start browsing the site and downloading games at  The Developer Challenge can be found at


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