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Indies at First Sight: Antipole and Andromium

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Boy am I long over due to review this title, I have played this game not just on Xbox Live Indie Games, but also multiple platforms such as Nintendo DS, and PC Platform via Desura. Some might say this some sort of VVVVVV Clone, but it isn’t. The mechanics in the game are just not as Antipole. In Antipole you use a special ability which allows you to control gravity around you, instead of controlling gravity. In Antipole, you can use gravity to guide items to a destination, pick up enemies within the gravity ringed area, and get to tricky spots. The soundtrack is a more laid back feeling, until you get to the boss stage that is. The one part that still has me on a 50/50 scale is the visuals, it seems that a modern platformer visual was obtain, but it made out in the long run, seemed to fit right in with the other parts of the game. Altogether I give this title a 4 out of 5, I would like to see an Antipole 2 with a new power, the gravity kind of made me a little motion sick, I still enjoyed though.



Hand eye coordination is definitely not a strong point for me. Do you ever remember playing hot potato? Well imagine playing hot potato by yourself, yes it is possible, now with Andromium. This game is more of a what you would call a dodge’em’up instead of your typical space shooter. You are to carry Andromium to some secured location while trying not to hold it for too long, you must toss it between ship to ship, using your right and left analog sticks to control 2 different ships. You must survive as long as possible, you could however grab a friend and have them control one of the sticks. Where’s the fun in that? Anyways, the controls were up to par, the visuals hilarious and outlandish, and the overall gameplay felt very fair in the challenge it gave. It definitely sets a bar on originality and had me playing even after the game was done. Altogether I give Andromium a 4 out of 5, unique and original as this game might be, it is tough as nails.


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