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Indies at First Sight: Volchaos, Escape Goat, and ElfSquad7

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God this game almost gives me a heart attack, as well as memories from back in the good ol’ days of retro platforming.  Volchaos takes you deep into a world of a Chuck Norris looking fella……ya know there really isn’t a story mode in the game. Your object in the game is to race to your goal before being some kind of sacrifice to a rising volcano, collecting gems, items and avoiding enemies along the way. You have your typical smash everything up type boss, it kind of reminds me of a tribute to the old Bowser Boss level where you have to make him smash through the ground and fall to his demise. You will find that you will die a sh*t ton in this game, but don’t let that get you down, that Walrus took your wife and you have to get her back.  Anyways I had way too much fun playing this game, probably because I love the controls, the visuals, the soundtrack. Have you ever remembered playing these types of games when you were younger and use to lift the control as you were jumping, hoping that you would jump higher, well that is exactly what this game made me do.  It may be the retro lover in me, but I want a cartridge of this title right now. Altogether I give this title a 4.5 out of 5, Volchaos just keeps begging me to come back to it.

Escape Goat

Escape Goat

Escape Goat, there really isn’t any other game I can really compare it to. I found that most of the stuff that comes from MagicalTimeBean is original and well mixed. You play as a goat that must escape many levels to save sheep, along with his trusty sidekick, mouse. Mouse can activate switches that are out of reach and can be used as a teleport to an area with a magical hat to assist Goat on where he actually needs to be. There are different themed dungeon like levels, and also there is a really neat level editor that I ended up using for quite some time. You run into a lot of obstacles and traps which if you don’t time right, you just go poof. The music is enchanting and the retro visuals just warming my nostalgic heart. The controls are pretty solid and the overall gameplay will have you on your toes begging for more difficult levels. I recommend this title, not just to retro gamers, but anyone who likes a good puzzle platformer. I give this title a 4.5 out of 5.



This is the cutest god damn game I ever did see. I played as Cheesum the whole time, I don’t know what it is about mice, rats and me, I think it’s my love of cheese or for the fact that I was called rat nose in high school, either or, he is still my favorite character. Christmas is doomed and it is up to you and your Elf Crew to save the presents from being destroyed, help Santa recover the presents while fighting off baddies with this race against the clock platformer. Well it was about time I played this game, I had heard word about the popularity of this title growing about on twitter and had to take my chances at the game. I was welcomed by a festive menu screen and character art. The level design I found very pleasing and well-adjusted. The controls I found a little difficult to get use to in the start, but when I learned how to control my character, I had more of a blast playing. Since I play alone most of the time, I really didn’t have anyone else to play with besides my 2-year-old daughter who still plays Fly Butterfly Fly, the game supports a 4 player local coop mode which looks to be absolute fun, please add online MP. I just continued to play on an easier setting, I reached my first boss and was pleased by how everything panned out in the playing field. This might be ridiculous but I give the title a great 4 out of 5 christmas presents.


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