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Rotastic XBLA Review

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Do you like art? Of course you do, well if you don’t, it’s ok. Rotastic brings both an action and puzzle solving to your TV. Using the form of art and a rotary device to aide you in forming an artistic tricks used to gain extra bonus points.

The gameplay gives some what of a moderate addiction, but can be tedious at times, for example some levels just won’t catch your attention as much as the next, thus making everything very boring and makes me just leave the game alone for a while. Trying to even form an artistic trick will make you scream, as the controls really are hard to get use to. Even when you think you got control of your character, the levels get harder and more difficult to create your art form. It isn’t necessary to create any type of art, but collecting the gems ensures you pass the level. As one who likes to complete the whole level and do what the level challenges me to, I still find the controls very difficult to get accustomed to. One of the most enjoyable experiences about this title, the multiplayer, which involves you to basically make your opponent fail, while collecting as many gems as you can, cutting your opponents rope to see them fall to their demise. I know it sounds devious, but let me assure you, playing alone is boring, so grab a friend on local multiplayer and start slicing, dicing, and cashing in.Image from Rotastic

The visuals have a clash of a saturday morning cartoon mixed angry birds. Character art I found the most enjoyable to look at. The levels I felt were poorly designed and could have used some work, not artistically. I wasn’t very favorable in the annoying Voice Overs, you will see when you play the title, they get repetitive on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. The soundtrack is jumpy and full of life, and the sound effects just meshing well with it, makes it hard to hate the game all together.

Image from Rotastic

Final Thoughts:
I kept coming back to the title, that means something doesn’t it? I was honestly looking to beat more levels, but I just got frustrated and gave up. I am not very good at physics puzzlers, but I love the concept of this title. I can recommend this to the core gamer who seeks out for frustrating and unforgiving gameplay. In my honest opinion, I give this title a 4 out of 5, although my anger wants to say a lower score, but I as someone who loves a challenge, accepts this game as it is.


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