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Indies at first Sight: REDD The Lost Temple and Doom and Destiny

REDD The Lost Temple

Redd: The Lost Temple
I had my ups and downs with this title, I found it hard to immerse myself into the dark abyss that is REDD. If you don’t have a good TV, you’re going to have a tough time playing this title. It is recommended you play in HD and not in SD. The voice acting I found to be enjoying and the soundtrack as well. The visuals are astounding, sort of gives that Indiana Jones feeling with a hint of REDD. The objective of this title is ti make your way through a dark (I mean really dark) dungeon while avoiding traps, time based puzzles, and massive stone creatures to unlock a mystery of the Royal Amulet of Konira and defeat The Lost Temple. I honestly tried to come back to this title, but I felt like it was missing some gameplay mechanics for players who want to set it on the easier level. There are some really intense moments, then it all just comes to a halt. I can say that I didn’t finish this title, but gave it my best shot in completing it. I had fun when I did play, as this was a bit more of a challenge. I hope the game gets a proper update and I hope to revisit the game later on. My rating now is at a 3 out of 5.

Doom and Destiny:
Doom & Destiny
As I have explained many times, I am not the one for RPGs, even JRPGS. Doom and Destiny takes a stab at the D&D community, I don’t really know if they are poking fun at them or this is actually what it’s like to be addicted to D&D. You have a variety of weapons and powers to use right at your finger tips that will just have you laughing for a few fights here and there, the names and appearance of these weapons are just out right ridiculous, such as a 2×4, yeah, who knew a wooden plank would be effective against the undead. Anyways, I really couldn’t play much of the title, I did however enjoy it while I had the time to play it, there are a few other game references in there that will catch the eye of the nostalgic gamer and the modern gamer, just a few jokes here and there. The game isn’t meant to be a serious RPG, I still am trying to decipher the difference between all these different types of RPGs, I am still on disc 2 on on FFXII for Xbox 360, I get stuck a lot and die constantly. The soundtrack is a nice taste, although the creators used some Royalty Free music, it seemed to fit quite nicely. The visuals are that representing SNES like top down RPGs. I can say for the time that I had with this title, I can definitely recommend it, the dialog, the characters, even the menu screen is sexy, it might just be me, but I am sucker for revisited nostalgia. MY final score is a 4 out of 5, get on this, seriously, tell the rainbow tower I said hello.


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