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Reported by: Master Blud
As launch approaches for IndieCity, a Challenge has been called for developers to collectively achieve the feat of getting 100, 250, or 500 games live on the Store. For each milestone, developers with their games approved get a higher revenue share for a limited time, with 100% available if the highest threshold (500 games) is reached by the deadline! The deadline for the first Challenge (100 games) is 31st January, and there are already 23 games fully approved and on the Store.

Giving developers the power to increase their revenue share is just another step in IndieCity’s mission to give developers as much power as possible over their games. Currently developers can release updates whenever they like, price their game however they want (and change the price once per day), and even use the Underground section to experiment with ‘pay to finish’ or other finance models.

IndieCity is dedicated to becoming the one stop shop for indie games, and this community-powered drive gives a real incentive for developers to get their games up on IndieCity, as well as displaying the wide variety of games on offer within the indie games scene. Indie games cover the whole spectrum of genres, subjects, and themes, and often blur the line between art and games, which is one of the fantastic things about indie games that IndieCity is keen to promote.

As Chris Swan, Project Lead for IndieCity, says “we all know that there’s a lot more to the world of gaming than is covered by the mainstream sites of today, but right now trying to explore and play games off the beaten track is a tiring and fragmented experience. Getting these games on a central site with a recommendations engine is a major step towards indie gaming becoming more accessible and widening its reach and influence! ”.

There is a widget available ( in order to keep track of progress, and developers or gamers can display this on their website or blog to show their support for the indie scene. We are also displaying all games currently on the Store on a specific Developer Challenge page (

For more information: see or contact Hannah Fordham on

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About IndieCity: is a unique online portal committed to celebrating and supporting the indie gaming community at all levels, highlighting the creativity, the passion and the people. The site aims to create one integrated indie community that draws together developers, players and press to encourage the discovery, promotion and enjoyment of indie games of all shapes and sizes. Boasting almost 1500 users on the site it is currently in private beta and aiming to launch within the next few


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