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Perkunas’ Dragon Getting Ready to Fire up XBLIG

Perkunas’ Dragon releasing November 18th: Episode One!

Have you called upon the great God Perkunas to help you?

The Ultimate Fantasy Game Trailer – Full release November 18th

Fantasy Gamers, hold on to your swords and buckles – At last Perkunas’ Dragon is here – the ultimate fantasy adventure game – Realistic, exciting and challenging, look out for the debut game from Middle Lands Studios Perkunas’ Dragon: Episode One – Lost in an unknown land. Available 18th November (Friday). Gamers will be able to download it from Microsoft XBOX Live Marketplace in the indie section for 240 Microsoft Points.

Get a taste of the action with the Trailer here:

Perkunas’ Dragon combines gamer’s three most exciting styles – Shooter, RPG and Puzzle. Forget the old “shoot them up” games, this game rocks with new twists and turns at every level. In Perkunas’ Dragon everything is different! If you want to survive you must discover, try and combine magic spells, upgrade your dragon abilities and change the world to solve puzzles. Every level is different and every level brings new challenges. Discover a magical world of Slavonic creatures! Are you ready for a big journey?

Once upon a time, when people could not yet grasp the laws of nature, they would pray to the Gods for help with the difficulties in their lives. They would offer sacrifices upon the altars when drought arrived and the crop withered under the ruthless sunbeams. They called upon the Gods for help when they suffered from hunger, cold or sickness.

Not much changed during the reign of Duke Radbod. A strange disease attacked his country, quietly and insidiously, killing humans and animals alike.Radbod prayed to great Perkunas and the God heard his prayers. However, instead of help, he sent a dragon.

New and exciting – this game will get your adrenaline racing:

Perkunas’ Dragon is a combination of three game styles. The first style: “Shooter”. Enjoy the classical side scrolling experience with a true bullet hell in some passages. Are you quick enough? The second style: “RPG”. Improve your dragoness characteristics, earn experience and improve your magic skills. Are you a good leader? And finally, the third game style: “Puzzle”. Discover a fantastic world full of magical items and creatures. Use them to clear your way, open portals and destroy enemies. Are you smart enough?

An unknown land:

As you can see Perkunas’ Dragon isn’t an ordinary shooter. In fact the game isn’t strictly divided to levels. There is no first level, second level, etc. principle. You can choose the route where you want to fly. You have to discover a map of the unknown world and look for the right directions. Watching the story line is the key to success.

Magic spells and their combinations:

The game includes sixteen magic spells. Discover them, use them and try to combine them to cause even more damage. The chest of usable magic includes spells such as light storm, huge axe, slow motion, dragon spin but also the classic ones like the fire-ball, bullet fountain, elixir of life and many others. You can improve your dragoness in all ways and this feature makes Perkunas’ Dragon a bloody real “RPG”.

Zithira, Perkunas and Slavonic mythology:

One of the main aspects of this game is the story which is based on Slavonic mythology. We were trying to create a world which was typical for the ancient Central and South Europe with its authentic creatures. Every monster in this game comes from the mythology. In this beautiful and fantastic world you can meet a wide variety of creatures. The big ones such as Ignis Fatuus (Will-o’-the-wisp), dragons, huge bats and eels or the small ones like flies, magic leaves, starlings, lizards and vultures. You will discover wonderful but dangerous locations like the Cannibal Village, a forest full of forest ghosts, a scary ancient cave and many, many others.

Strong storyline:

Put yourself in the amazing story created by the winner of a prestige fantasy writers’ competition in Slovakia, Marian Kubicsko. Marian created a beautiful world which worksby its own laws and rules. The whole adventure is divided into three parts where the “Lost in an unknown land” is the first one. In this part of the trilogy you will discover the first pieces of this complicated magical world of puzzles and elements. Who is Perkunas? Why am I here? What is this land like? You will be looking for answers to these questions. In order to get the answers, you will have to help people who are suffering from cruel monsters living in this mysterious land.


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About Middle Lands Studios

Middle Lands Studios is a group of independent artists from three states of Europe – Slovakia, where the headquarters is located, Croatia and Ireland. We have met to give the world small pieces of ourselves in the form of games. Every one of us is different and everyone’s passion is different but we have one trait common – a huge passion for fantasy worlds and computer games. If your muscles are strong enough to face new challenges and your heart is big enough to absorb the whole world, check out our games!



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