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DLC Quest Review, Why isn’t my Season Pass Included?

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Just a forwarning, this review is going to be super short as I don’t really want to give so much away…….shit, I should shut up while I have a chance. Anywho, in a nutshell, DLC Quest takes you on a Quest of smiting a bad guy. Each part of the game requires you to have DLC to continue, don’t worry, you won’t be spending out of pocket with this one. You collect coins which in hand act as in game currency to purchase required DLC. Whether it be to move your character, add zombies or whatever that game requires to run, you must purchase all the on-disc DLC (Really no disc at all). The game is a satirical adventure where most of us already know that a lot of video game industry, has been charging outrageous amounts of money for tiny content of cosmetic changes, map packs, and whatever ever microtransactions. The game is hilarious and quirky and is enough for your dollar. The character art will certainly be remembered, along with the soundtrack. I can’t seem to get the image of this title out of my head. I am going to straight to the point with this one, 5 out of 5 seems like a fair enough rating for this title. The whole time I played, I had absolute fun.


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