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Radiangames Super Crossfire iOS Review

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From the ever popular studio of radiangames, one of my favorite indie game studios, they bring us their first mobile platformed creation. It’s basically the Xbox Indie Title Crossfire with more juice. When I say more juice, I mean one a hell of a leap forward in visuals and gameplay. I grew to love radiangames as I played their second title crossfire, this game will always remain my favorite as it just keeps bringing me back over and over again.

Super Crossfire on the iOS pays homage to the popular arcade title, space invaders, although it doesn’t play like space invaders, you get the idea. The fluid design, super insane control mechanics, and unique level design makes Super Crossfire its own game

I went on to compare the controls from the Crossfire to Super Crossfire and just literally gave up, I fell in love again with the improvement that they had made with this port to a mobile device. I continued to play, I found myself immersed for literally hours on the bus, unlocking everything in the unlockables. The game is rewarding, not just using the gamecenter, but the unique features it has inside. I myself played the non-HD version, but the price for $1 is an absolute steal. I feel like people should at least be shelling out $5 for this title. Ok, back to the gameplay. The controls seemed very responsive, you control with the left slider to move your ship back and forth, and as your moving, touch anywhere besides the special button to switch to the top to shoot down. Most enemies in this case, require you to shoot from the opposite side because of the shields they might have. Their area a few enemies that disable you switching from top to bottom, putting you in the most tight situation possible. You have upgrades for your ship, this is a must. I do not have any recommendations on what you should upgrade, everyone plays differently.

Let’s look at the visuals, the game definitely has a crisper look from the Xbox Indie title. Everything seems to be fine tuned, polished and the collision is dead on. As for the soundtrack and effects, as I mentioned before, I had gotten way too immersed into this title, I still can’t put it down. I don’t know if the music has some sort of hypnotic trance to go along with the fluid visuals, but believe you me, I played this shmup for hours. The soundtrack has a trancy/techno vibe which makes the game that much more enjoyable. I can leave you with this. Interested in the soundtrack, do yourself a favor and download it here.

Final Thoughts:
There isn’t really much more to say than what I already said. I enjoyed the title. If you are a nostalgic gamer like me or someone who wants a little flavor in their shmup then Super Crossfire is for you.  Final rating is 4.8 out of 5, they really went above and beyond.


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