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Indies at First Sight: Blocky and Avatar Panic

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Blocky is a game of pacifism, you stay away from the enemies as long as your challenge tells you to. Some levels involve you to actually eat the enemy, but only if you collect the temporary power up that lets you gobble those suckers up. For a title that really didn’t have that much going on visually, I actually enjoyed this title. The menu screens were actually the only thing really well put together, I loved how they panned out as you selected each one. The controls were right on the button, I was expecting floaty controls, but was proved otherwise. You have some RPG mixed elements to upgrade along the way, the game isn’t all about pacifism, i just found this to be a confusing feature to put into the game. Although it did expand the gameplay, it really didn’t change my opinion that much. I loved the soundtrack, it sort of brought a trippy vibe that assisted the gameplay.  This title might be for a younger audience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself for a little game of stay away from cooties. For 80 Microsoft Points you can work on your evasion skills. I honestly can recommend this, only to a younger audience and those who like a different pace of gameplay in their library.  My rating?  Well, I would have to say a 3.5 out of 5, as much as I had fun with Blocky, there just seems like there is something missing.

Avatar Panic

A game of pop the balloon, wait, no, that’s not right.  In Avatar Panic you play as your Avatar, you must use your harpoon gun to take out bubbles, or balloons, or whatever the hell they are.  Anyways, you must dodge them and keep shooting them, as you shoot each one, depending on the size, they will split in to sections making smaller bubbles. I haven’t really made it that far into the game, to be honest, I found it more than a challenge, I found it a little irritating that I couldn’t find an area to secure myself while the bubble was bouncing after me. The controls felt solid, but the collision seemed a bit too sensitive and made drop it all at once. I only made it 4 levels in until I just gave up. I wish it had more than just offline coop, it would probably make the game a lot more entertaining. I loved the sound effects, the music and everything else, but the gameplay needed work. The visuals were really well polished, but did not work well with the overall gameplay. My recommendation? Well let me tell you to go try it first, if you like it 2 or 3 levels in, then get it. In my utmost respectful decision and rating, I give it a 3 out of 5. The title has a racy feeling and definitely jolts me while I play, maybe this is a sign of old age? Nah! I use to move my controller up as I was playing Super Mario hoping that I would jump higher.


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