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Extra-Life: “What was it like gaming for 24 hours straight?”

By: Daizoren

If you’ve been following vvgtv, K.C. Entertainment Studios or my facebook/twitter, you know that this past weekend my replay crew, some friends and I participated in the Extra-Life charity event that has gamers around the country getting donations for local miracle network hospitals (Our own Mercy Hospital in the North Western Ohio area) and gaming for 24 hours straight. While people are still able to donate, the charity has raise over a million dollars for local hospitals around the country and we (as of Monday, October 17th 2011) have contributed around $400 to this cause. But what I wanted to share today is a few things about the experience itself. Firstly, the documentary about the experience will be out as soon as I can get it done. I have about 30 hours of footage to seed through and edit together into one complete video, so it’ll take some time. In the meantime, I’ve asked my fellow gamers from the event to write out a paragraph of their experiences. You can read them below.

Derek Carlson

“I heard about the 24 hour gaming marathon for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital when Kyle invited me to a Facebook event for the marathon. First thing that went through my mind was “wait, we can game to raise money for kids? Awesome!!” Then I thought about the whole 24 hours of straight gaming and I knew I would have some fun but it would be tough. October 15, 2011 came around and I was up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready. This was a little rough considering I went to bed late the night before. I got to Kyle’s place and the gaming marathon began. It started off a little slow, but when it did finally get rolling, we were all having a blast. Then around the ten hour mark hit and I started to feel it. I kept going “for the babies” as we kept telling our live stream of the event. Those individuals that supported us watching our stream and talking to us is one of the key factors that kept me going. Well also the two energy drinks kept me going as well as it got closer and closer to 24 hours. By the end of the night I was done for. Not once did I fall asleep, but my whole body felt it. It’s a brutal thing gaming for 24 hours straight. My body was all cramped up and I felt like I was going to fall asleep at any minute. But, it was all worth it. It was for a good cause and in the end, we raised over $400 for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Thank you to all that donated for this cause. It means a lot to me and the crew I gamed with, and more importantly it means a lot to the children that you helped saved.”

Corey Rogers

“Overall I thought that the event went very well and it was for a great cause. I had a great time playing so many different video games, many of which I have never played before. I also got a chance to meet some really cool new people while attending this event. In general I hope that one day we shall do something like this again and that the experience will be just as fulfilling as it was the first time.”

William Washington

“Overall, being an avid gamer and going through 24 hours is an ideal event, especially knowing it benifits a greater cause. However, I can honestly say that I was challenged physically and mentally simply because it had no break. I wasn’t an Xbox gamer so I wasn’t in my element but my gaming skills truly pulled through at the end of it all. It felt good to have the support from spectators because not only did they share the same relentless gaming passion, but they understood the intensity which kept us going.”

Adrian Ocana

“Doing the 24 hour gaming marathon was pretty challenging for me considering I haven’t been playing many video games as of late. I was only able to game for about 12 hours but I was surprised at how fast some of those hours went by. I think if I had conditioned my body a little better I might have been able to withstand playing a bit more. Overall, I think it was a pretty cool experience because we got quite a few number of donations for a good cause and we got to play some really cool games that I’ve never played before. I’d definitely be down to do this again next time.”

Kyle Lock

“When I saw the ad to do this marathon, I thought it’d be a great experience for myself and my fiends and going through it certainly did just that. Gaming for 24 hours was no easy task, but it was also one of the most fun times I’ve had playing video games. Everybody else said how they didn’t want to game afterwards for a long time but I couldn’t do that since I have to review titles. I felt my own thoughts escaping my mind before I could say them out loud the longer we stayed awake and by the end I wasn’t sure how many ideas had popped into my head only to be lost because of my drained stamina. I think of all the games we played, surprisingly NBA Jam ended up being the most fun because we all could get into it at once and we all had that nostalgia factor from the old generations. It was a blast being able to get all of these people together for one giant gaming marathon and I hope to do it again… maybe next year? We’ll have to wait and see.”


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