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Sega Bass Fishing XBLA Review

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Review by: Master Blud
Alright guys, lets grab our tackle boxes and our spinner bait, it’s time to fish. You may or may not remember this classic from Sega, but I sure do. This game had a peripheral you could use that look like a fishing rod. The rod simulated the experience of fishing on your television. I mean who really wants to wake up at 5 am in the morning and go to the local lake when you can just fish for fun at home. Most people fish for sport, and food. Today, we are just going to do it for fun.

Sega Bass Fishing is probably one of the most memorable of the Sega games, it just has that diverse flavor of gaming that most gamers nowadays are probably not accustomed to. I know I am going to rag on most of those Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 guys, but come on, GIVE IT A BREAK! There is hardly any diversity in FPS games, as they all do the same thing; shoot, xp, level up, shoot again. What I am trying to get at is, drop your usual gaming, sit back, relax and catch a couple of bass for me, ok? That being said, Sega Bass Fishing is a definite Fishing Simulator you have to pick up.

As I immerse my self into the game, I am welcomed by the every so classic menu screen and choices of bait that I can use to catch my trophy bass. Instead of using a fishing rod in this game, the analog stick is your only option right now. The analog stick is super responsive and effective, each pull you make counts for the ever glorious fish that you will soon catch. You have a choice of free run/practice, then you have the campaign. There isn’t any story to the game, you’re just fishing. I can tell you however that you do have to catch one final fish at the end of your adventure. The last bass you have to catch will put up a fight, this made me scream with nostalgic joy.

The visuals are that of the classic Dreamcast appearance, nothing has really changed, the only significant change I found is a little polish on the rendering. The soundtrack, well, there really isn’t any, except for the menu screen and times where you are in a tough fight with a stubborn bass. The effects in-game have seem to be remastered from the original and made laying back and fishing, more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts
I have to say, as much as I don’t really like real fishing, this is a nice experience. It is based on real fishing, but you know the bass won’t really go after the bait that easily. Altogether I give Sega Bass Fishing a 4 out of 5. I love how Sega is revisiting older games and bringing them to the next-gen consoles, hoping that some young new gamer might actually like the taste of nostalgia. All said n’ done, I mostly recommend this to our nostalgia fans of gaming, if you want a different experience on Xbox Live, go pick this up.


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