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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Shadow Hunters DLC Review

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By: Daizoren

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was a title that I personally had been anticipated for years. From the moment I saw the announcement trailer I was hooked and I’ve been a fan of Michel Gagné ever since. The latest DLC is called “Shadow Hunters” and if you haven’t had a chance to beat the game, you might want to hold off on reading this review as the DLC takes place right after the end of the full title game.

Once you have destroyed the final boss at the end of the game, the shadow planet is restored to normal, as well as the main character’s home planet. Returning home, your character finds that the shadow that had corrupted your planet and the original planet has spread to others as well. Shadow Hunters uses this as the basis for the next part of the story which is to get together with other friends and take out the smaller shadow planets by leading a bomb into the center of each planet and releasing it, destroying the evil shadow. It’s a great idea but unfortunately falls short of greatness because of some small reasons.

The first problem is getting a group of people together. Not once was an available game found during the review period. No one seems to be interested or playing it as of this written review, which is a shame because it could be a very entertaining game for friends to partake in. The second problem is linked to the first problem. Without people to play with, this DLC is going to be very difficult to get through. You are supposed to transport a bomb to the center of these planets in order to detonate them. This means that someone has to be able to hold onto the bomb and transport it while others take care of the enemies. If you have no players you have one of two options. The first is to take the bomb and drop it whenever you wish to take down some enemies and the second is to just grab the bomb and try to navigate your way around each swarm of enemies in hopes to make it to the end boss.

Shadow Hunters could be a very fun party game, but because no one is playing it, it’s a difficult DLC to recommend. If you can get friends together to play it with you, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Overall – 8/10


One response

  1. Anonymous

    Good review. The Way the xbox live is set up sucks. *There needs to be lobbys or a list of people who are playing the game. It sucks trying to find or set up a game..then having to wait..The game was great when it first game out. People were playing it then.

    January 26, 2012 at 2:58 pm

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