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Developer – Belcro
Website – None
Price – 80 MS Points
Rating – 6 out of 10
MarketLink – Ninja War STOLEN SCROLLS


Review by: The Danger Pickle (Contributor)
Imitation is often considered the ultimate form of flattery. For every Modern Warfare there will be a Battlefield. With Gran Turismo you have Forza. Mortal Kombat gets Street Fighter. For every plumber there will be a hedgehog. Every Samus has a Solid Snake. We all know it. We all got used to it. Though now, it seems, Castle Crashers’ sprite-like knights may have disciplined and determined ninjas to flatter them, as well.

This most recent attempt at flattery comes in the form of Ninja War: STOLEN SCROLLS. A 1-4 player, local only, Action/Adventure, X-Box Live Indie game developed and published by belcro. Rated 1/3 for violence and 0/3 for sex and mature content Ninja War is available for a mere 80 Microsoft points.

The game starts out in your dojo where your sensei is being robbed of his sacred scrolls by a rival ninja clan. After selecting one of the sensei’s element-based pupils, you find yourself searching the lands of futile Japan. In search of the scrolls you encounter exploding ninja, archer ninja, wild dogs and sword wielding, hook adorned, light-footed ninja scattered throughout the map. You are motivated by the simple task of dispatching marauding ninja, retrieving sensei’s magical scrolls and restore honor to your dojo. Thus, preventing an ultimate reign of terror never before unleashed onto the unsuspecting planet we call Earth. Simple, right?

The game starts you out by first choosing your ninja, which is based on wind, fire, water and lightning, and thrusts you into the fore mentioned  story line. Right away a lot of people will see a striking similarity to another, once-popular, X-Box Live Arcade Game; Castle Crashers. Unlike Castle Crashers, however, leveling up doesn’t include customizable stat boosts, customizable  gear, pets or, as far as I know, hidden characters.  It does offer weapons but they are only temporary and don’t last for very long. The boss fights get a little repetitive but the game is fun and it is a decent family game, save for the cartoon violence, of course.

The graphics, again, tend to resemble Castle Crashers enough to give it the, “I liked Castle Crashers but wanted ninjas instead of knights”, feel. The sound track is a bit bad-house-music-like, and it tends to not impress the player, but it doesn’t hurt or help the game, to be honest. The developer did do fairly well, for being an independent, and it does have its own unique qualities, although very little. Okay, let’s re-cap:

1. Castle Crashers rip-off.

2. Castle Crashers rip-off.

3. Too much like Castle Crashers.

4. Ninjas.

5. Scrolls.

Final Thoughts:
So, in summation, it is a clear imitation of Castle Crashers, except with ninjas. So effing what? Dude, it’s “Castle Crashers” but with ninjas. NINJAS! Domo arigato, belcro. Pickle gives Ninja War a fair 6 out of 10. Say it with me, “Ninnnnjaaaaassss”.


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