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Indies at First Sight: Sherbert Thieves and Techno Kitten Adventure

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Sherbert Thieves
Man, do I want some ice cream after playing this, to kill off the headache that it gave me after a while. The game is great, don’t get me wrong. But there was one thing that didn’t involve me actually playing the game that certainly pissed me off. The constant pop up of the Hard Drive selection device after each round you finish, I guess it has to do with saving, why is there no autosave feature? Any who, in this game you are supposed to fend off enemies while guarding precious sherbert from reaching the enemy planet. The game seems way too easy, as the enemies often die off really quick. The only one enemy you really have to worry about in the start, are the actual thieves, just keep everyone else occupied and use your special abilities to just make the game like it’s childsplay. If the game didn’t have the constant pop up of Hard Drive selection, this game would have ranked a wee bit higher. I can honestly say, give it a try. There isn’t much to the game, it’s a twin stick shooter. I do have to say the special weapons you can buy are pretty sweet, and the visuals of them are pretty sexy. The soundtrack seems dull and really didn’t grab my attention. Altogether, I might have to leave it at this and give it a 2.9 out of 5. I enjoyed it until the 5th pop up.
Techno Kitten Adventure
You might have remembered the original TKA, it was an absolute hit! Then the developer decided to pull the original and give us a souped up seizure enraging fun music fest. I waited till the meat pack was out, which I really shouldn’t have. Be warned this game is addicting because of it being hypnotic and out right ridiculous. You play through different various stages, unlocking more kittehs as you get a higher score. The soundtrack is booming with a techno trance to compliment the level. Every lyric spoken is followed by some sort of gesture on-screen, whether it be pointing to the sky, or showing a rainbow, this is really distracting, but fun and challenging. The first time I played TKA(Original Version) I became annoyed yet addicted, reason being is that it was a really stupid game for a dollar and killed about 15 minutes of time if I had to waste it. I highly recommend this title to people who do not have epilepsy, there are a lot of flashing lights/strobes that can hurt you. TKA gets a 4 out of 5 and let’s leave it at that, GO PLAY! MEAT MEAT MEAT!!


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