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Indies at First Sight: Convict MiniGames and Pixelosity

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Convict MiniGames:

Seriously? Developer should honestly be convicted of such a tragedy. 3 dollars for all this? The only game that even seems worthy of any of your money is Triangle Man. This is basically the only real game in here, everything is just so mumbo jumbo stuff that my 6-year-old nephew would enjoy. I honestly don’t see who they were marketing it to. I would honestly say that the price needs to be dropped, although we received a review copy, it still feels way too much. I would take Triangle Man and make a separate game with more levels. This title comes with 5 mini games, the one other game that even looks remotely satisfying is Cave in, which is a chasing platformer. Other than this, I honestly could not go farther with this game. In end my result at Indies at First Sight with a 2.9 out of 5. Wait till it drops in price, then go play Triangle Man. All other games are really not worth the effort.


Almost everyone knows that I am a sucker for games that use any reference to pixels, or even remotely use pixels in-game. This being said, Pixelosity is a superb choice. This side scrolling shooter makes me just want a whole expansion pack within the game. I mean I am talking about more ships, enemy types, strobing effect and the occasional Nyan Cat. You play as a little ship, it sort of reminds me of Bit.trip Beat, but with actual shooting involved. But in Bit.trip Beat, you follow a beat. No real worries in here. There are power ups to gain along the way, but they don’t last long, I didn’t really expect them to, that would be cheating you SOB. It is rather fun when you get a spread upgrade to your already awesome bullets you are shooting. The music is enchanting and compliments the overall gameplay. I enjoyed this title enough to give my final result of a 4.8 out of 5. The damn thing is a dollar, go get it. PIXELS FTW! Sorry, I just like pixels. Don’t believe me? Check out the sweet gameplay below.


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