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Extra Life Gaming Charity

By: Daizoren

If you’re an avid gamer, you probably know about the Extra Life Gaming Charity that goes on every year. It’s an event in which groups of individuals and groups play video games for 24 hours straight and get donations from friends, family, companies and more to donate to any Children’s Miracle Network Hospital across the United States. Each donation has to be a minimum of $12 and 100% of those donations goes straight to your hospital of choosing. This year, myself and my local Community Replay Crew are going to try to tackle this feat by registering and joining this wonderful cause in hopes to raise as much money as we can. We will be donating our money to the local Toledo Mercy Children’s Hospital.

“Extra Life began in 2008 as a way of honoring a young lady named Victoria Enmon. Tori’s battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia inspired the Sarcastic Gamer Community in a way that is difficult to describe. Members sent in video games and bought gifts to keep Tori’s spirits up despite numerous hospital stays and three bouts with the deadly disease.” – Direct from Extra Life Site

Our group will consist of Adrian Ocana, Jordan White, Will Washington (Not formally from Replay, but has always wanted to be on) and myself. We shall also, most likely, have some other Replay veterans come in and out to cheer us on/play for a little bit for some added support. We’ll be gaming for 24 hours straight (some of us will be coming in late because we have to work, but I personally shall be doing the entire 24 hours) and we will be streaming the entire 24 hour event live. While we are streaming we will be giving away FREE GAME CODES periodically to those lucky people watching the stream, so tune in to win some great prizes!  (You guys can thank Masterblud for getting the codes for this, show your support for VVGTV!)

K.C. Entertainment Studios Live



K.C. Entertainment Studios Game Feed

We will also be recording the event in order to make a small documentary about the experience that will be going up over on, my personal studio website.

The event starts Saturday, October 15th at 8 A.M. EST and will continue until October 16th at 8 A.M. EST. During this time we will be logged into Xbox Live playing Xbox games and on other systems playing through a multitude of games that myself and others have gathered together. If you’ve enjoyed the Community Replays in the past that we’ve done, this is your chance to watch us game for 24 hours straight, like one giant Super Replay of a bunch of games. You can go and donate to our Extra Life page here and we really appreciate every donation we get. We have a minimum goal of $100, but knowing the community I’ve been a part of here and elsewhere, I have a high confidence that we’ll raise well beyond that goal.

If you have not had a chance to check out our Community Replays, you can go over to my personal Youtube Page to watch them. We really hope you show your support and donate to this great cause to help hospitals around the country.

Kyle Lock

AKA Daizoren


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