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BloodRayne Betrayal XBLA Review.

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Review by: Master Blud
I have been a fan of BloodRayne since I first played it on GameCube. Let’s just say, as this game is beautiful, be ready to shed your own bled while playing. I mean full on thumbs blistering, mind numbing, wanting to stab the damn digital download that is BloodRayne Betrayal. Making you want to take the physical game and suck its blood dry. That being said, Let us continue.

This Hack and Slash Combo Happy beat em up will have you playing for more than said 15 levels time. You play as Rayne who is a Dhampir (Human/Vampire), set to bring soldiers through highly dangerous areas of vampires and other ghastly enemies that will make sure you have no way out. Going directly from a 3rd person world to sidescrolling comic book visuals, reinvents BloodRayne to the core.

As I step into the gameplay aspect, I am immediately frustrated with the animation it uses when attacking and setting up combos. The controls seem really floaty and is hard to adjust to, I am saying this out of experience with games like DMC and The Dishwasher series. I like beat em ups, but playing BloodRayne seems far more complex, just the controls. I can say that I learned the controls fairly moderate level. You do not have a block option, which is usually the case in such beat em ups. You use a dash ability to make your self invincible for a second or so, making it easier to line up the enemies. When lining up the enemies you want to strike one, drink their blood for a half second and use the intimidate function which is the Y button to explode your enemy, leaving a chain of explosions and chained combos, thus being satisfied with the end result.

You may encounter a cluster of enemies, but using your own strategy may help. There is tons of health around you, you just have to know when to heal yourself, too many enemies may make it difficult to heal. Make sure to use as many aerial combos as possible, this will keep you off the ground, away from harm. Using your pistol is possibly the only way to keep yourself from harm as well, line up the enemies and stun them, then create a chain of explosions. This being said, I do not really favor the controls all that much.

The visuals are absolutely amazing. It seems there was a lot of hard work put into just the visuals, but still doesn’t make up for the floaty controls. Rayne herself doesn’t look as badass as she use to back on the other titles, thus why I mentioned BloodRayne has been reinvented. She looks too cute to be in this game now, her features now represent a sort of anime dominatrix with a bit of a kinky side. When she goes in for the blood sucking kill, it looks more like she is making love to the enemy than trying to suck it dry. The visuals on the action are pretty well done, and the scenery is definitely a plus. The audible department seems more repetitive, not much to say about it here. Only time there is a real change-up in the music, is when you are a fighting a boss. Sound effects are amazing and create an intense environment for killing goodness.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed this game as much as I could, made it far enough to get a decent perspective. This game is definitely not for those looking to get quick Achievement points, but more towards completionist gamers, there is skulls to gather which unlock secret stuff, you get the picture. I rate this a 4 out of 5, as much as it is a son of a bitch game to play, it definitely raises the bar on challenging games. IF you’re looking for a challenge or a reason to throw your controller, or even to just rage it out, I can definitely recommend this title to you.


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