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The Baconing XBLA Review

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Review by: The Danger Pickle (Contributor)

Piggy, piggy, I know you’re scared. I see you running, everywhere.

Piggy, piggy, please don’t go. There is still one barrel, left to explode.

So Piggies cry, with all your might, but, all you piggies, will die tonight.

Welcome to The Baconing, a 1-2 player, Action/Adventure/RPG for X-Box Live Arcade. Priced for  1200 M.S. points.

In this third installment of the Death Spank series, you again assume the role of, who else, Death Spank. Dispenser of Justice, Vanquisher of Evil, the Savior of Spanktopia. He is bold, he is brave, he is…………bored. Having thoroughly spanked the  hineys of evil, our hero has nothing to fulfill his justly urges. Luckily, our hero needn’t wait long. The Anti-Spank has come to town and, (with the help of his pork-powered army of Cyborques ), he is ready to unleash mayhem and destruction upon the unsuspecting citizens of Spanktopia. Our hero must bring back justice, restore peace and order, and look damn good doing it too.

The Baconing’s game play is set up well and the story does successfully hold the player’s attention. The game’s multi-player mode is only local. Other than future downloadable content and leader boards there isn’t any X-Box Live interaction. It tends to be a bit hack and slash if you don’t know what you’re doing, but with a little help from the “How To Play” section, it should enlighten even the most confused of players, until they  get comfortable with the game play. Right away you will notice nearly half of your controls will be displayed on the HUD, and the rest are explained through in-game tutorials.

So most people should be able to catch on to the button and control scheme. In The Baconing you have a wide array of weapons and equipment scattered throughout the game to splatter the steel swine through out  Spanktopia. Merchants and random NPCs give it a nice RPG feel. With a variety of side quests, puzzles, and entertaining in-game banter, any gamer with the money to spend will enjoy it.Though with some suggestive humor and it’s obviously cartoon violence and gore, it does tend to have a more adult theme to the story and dialogue. It could still  be okay for an 11 or 12-year-old to play, though,  if there is an adult to supervise. That’s just my opinion however.

Set in a 3-D, roaming-style, platform. The game’s brilliant comic book feel really sets the mood for the antics of our hero, and, the many quirky characters peppering the game’s decent sized world. The soundtrack isn’t anything to dance to but it does fit the game’s comedy feel. The voices are done well  and the dialogue is hilarious.

Final Thoughts:
Eh, it holds its own I guess. It does well for what The Baconing is going for, and it is way better than Thongs of Virtue,( the second game in the Legend of the Chronicles of Spanktonia). Though, I can say, it may catch some flack about the price tag, but hey, I’ve bought worse things for $15. Ahhhhh Tijuana, hehehe……anyway, moving on. The Baconing is most definitely not the best game available for X-Box Live Arcade, but it was still really fun and entertaining, to say the least. Pickle gives this, side-order of bacon-wrapped mayhem, a  healthy 7 out of 10. Mmmmmm……back fat……….


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